SB Demonstrates that She is One to Watch on ‘No Dilly No Dally’

SB’s ‘No Dilly No Dally‘ is a collaboration with Where’s Wayne and combines an effortless catchy onslaught of lyrics with an afro-swing style sonic cohesion.

SB sings, “No glory, no guts… Not real if there’s no trust… Don’t be nobody’s fool, remember you got nothing to prove.” Overall, the song asserts her intention of valuing life, overcoming doubt, and forgetting her losses, while demonstrating her boisterous good value as a musician.

The song has thickly muzzled sonic flushes, which brings an ecstatic and euphoric quality to the song, one which splices together the integrity of Hip-Hop and the hard knocks and the jagged edge of Rap. The message of the justice carried by Hip-Hop and street rap aligns her with the Black-Eyed Peas or the Fugees. Rap and Hip-Hop are designed to take control of the mind and provide freedom from anger, discrimination, or hatred, and we see this undercurrent coming through, proving a social justice flair to her music which is hard to shut from your ears.

SB’s music to date has featured talking interludes clearly demonstrating a hunger to experiment and
push boundaries, asserting SB’s name in the industry. As a newcomer we are excited to see what she
has to offer. ‘No Dilly No Dally‘ is a clear game-changing song, keeping her sound fresher than ever as
we enter the summer.

SB is on Instagram, and Twitter

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