Mariee Siou

Psyche-Folk Singer Mariee Siou Provides a Spiritual Journey in Her New EP ‘Circles of Signs’

Sometimes experiencing another person’s spiritual journey can be almost unbearable. Self-Care is self-indulgent by nature (as who else is there to indulge?). Mariee Siou’s ‘Circle of Signs‘ is that, however, it also welcomes you to indulge as well. Also, with melodic and cyclical drums alongside gossamer vocals, she calls on the images of life and death, considering everything from the ouroboros to meditating on climate change. ‘Circle of Signs‘ does not insist upon you and invites you to sit down and listen.

The opener, ‘Evil Crawls the Line is a wandering melody that introduces you to the EP. Its slow drum beat alongside her voice is so tender that it feels silky and in places wavering. Further to this, there is a horn that pulls the entire track together, a beautiful and gentle lull within the track.

The title track wanders as it goes along. Here, the guitar glistens over the top of her melodic loops with crisp and clear drums. This is Sioux’s most folky track on the EP. Moreover, the lyrics are pushed to almost breaking point. They are flowery and form layers to lay back and dissect. In addition, the guitar break within ‘Snake Hoop‘ is almost ethereal. It’s a reflective moment within a song about dealing with the ebbs and flows of life. Further to this, it was inspired by an ayahuasca ceremony that they undertook in which they saw the world serpent and their own life and death as a process.

Circle of Signs‘ as a project feels ephemeral. Regarding this EP, the Californian singer creates tracks that are a journey to which you add meaning. It invites you to sit with it, enjoy the moments from the fiddle, and let the music guide you on her journey. Her music is a response to world events. These include the Californian forest fires and the Black Lives Matter Movement in 2020. However, the airiness of the vocals does undercut the message. This music is emotional rather than a passionate putting into words; a digested feeling rather than a raw reaction. Intricately put together, Mariee Siou is a psyche-folk name that you should keep an eye on.

Mariee Siou is on Instagram and Twitter. Make sure to check out more of our reviews here.

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