Raquel Lily

Raquel Lily Releases Cinematic Visuals For ‘Ghost’

Raquel Lily is the latest artist to come out of Atlanta, Georgia, with her blend of Soul-infused R’n’B. Not only is she a talented musician, but a person of many talents from her degree in Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behaviour or even having her own currency in the form of ‘Raq Coin.’

She is making plenty of waves on the Internet via her Instagram posts and her Twitch channel, where she makes videos on everything from live performances to eating food, describing herself on her Spotify bio as a ‘food porn connoisseur.’ And with over 300,000 plays on Spotify and her brand new album ‘Fixations’ out now, she is getting plenty of attention from her music, as well as the other ventures.

Raquel Lily

After releasing the video for her track ‘Ghost,’ Raquel Lily is now moving attention over to the visual side of her art, with a cinematic story to match the music. The track has a very chilled, dream-pop vibe, that incorporates a wide variety of instruments from the flute to the electronic flavour of the keyboard. These all come together to match her calm vocal delivery, which truly captures the attention of the listener when she hits the high notes on the back end of the track.

The track leaves those listening with a feeling like they’re floating in the clouds and it’s great if you’re just lying on your bed on a chilled summer’s night. But after almost two years of this track being available to the public, the visuals have dropped to give the story behind the music.

Raquel Lily

The video is very fitting for a song about someone she once cared dearly for leaving her life and now being like a ghost. Raquel Lily collaborated with Dean-Colin Marcial on the video, who directs this very well-structured and visually pleasing video. The use of bright colours like purple, red, and green will engage the viewer and show off the city and countryside of the Philippines, where the video was filmed and where she was born.

The video follows the main character played by Raquel Lily as she arrives from an airport and uses a taxi to follow a man, who it appears is the ghost that she describes in the song. The scenes switch from a nighttime karaoke bar to a fishing area near a river, showing the longing look in her eyes for this person.

Raquel Lily

With her ability to craft great music and work with talented directors, who can produce top-notch music videos, Raquel Lily is someone you will be hearing a lot more from in 2022. Alongside her growing social media following which includes over 36k followers on Instagram and her dedicated Twitch audience that gets a wide variety of content to choose from, she is a person who has a stake in all the races and is bound to have a very successful year.

Raquel Lily can be found on Instagram, Twitch and Twitter.

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