R&B Singer Liz Lubega Shares New Song ‘Tonight’

Liz Lubega has a classic, honey-like R&B tone in her voice. The singer / songwriter and rising star treats her craft with a smooth and calm disposition similar to that of Ayanda Jiya and Tamar Braxton. Her lead single ‘Tonight’, is a beautiful example of that. 

The songstress sings of how vibes between her and another were not reciprocated, telling the story of compatibility and its challenges. Reflecting on behaviours that have lead up to the lessons learned, Liz still makes the bold move to ask if she can be kept warm through the night. 

Keeping up appearances for the sake of enjoyment can only last so long and as the game of chance progressed, Liz came to realize that not all that glitters is gold, regardless of compromise or sacrifice. In situations whereby it is easy to open up to a potential significant other, compatibility plays a key role in the long term, and sometimes, people are only compatible for one night.

Liz has been in the industry for several years, having earned her place as a supporting singer for many artists (a truly understated profession) such as Stormzy, Childish Gambino, Gabrielle, Tom Odell, Jools Holland.

The R&B is stepping out to pursue a solo career with the birth of a new EP entitled ‘The Woman’ from which the single ‘Tonight’ was taken.

Liz wanted to share some of her experiences, thoughts, feelings, conversations through her music and writing, telling her story of growth after gracing us with ‘The Process‘ EP. 

Released on January 10th ‘The Woman’ is showcases a well-matured butterfly breakout from the cocoon.

Listen to ‘Tonight’ here:

To stay tapped in and updated on her life and times, follow Liz on TwitterInstagram and SoundCloud.

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