#IMMusicMondays: Rebecca Winter is the ‘Someone Else’ We All Need This Summer

For every person in the industry what is better than watching an artist grow? Rebecca Winter is the next best, all-round talent to hail from the UK and of course, music hotspot, Nigeria. She is no stranger to flaunting who she is, unapologetically which beautifully transcends into her rhythmic sounds that are carefully released by Rebecca. For me, there is nothing better than when an artist truly cares about the legacy of their music, whether it will sound enticing in five minutes, 5 years, or an entire decade, this is what is on the forefront of her mind constantly.

After the release of her latest single, Somebody Else, Rebecca is currently in Nigeria, using our imagination and the current roster of hers it is only telling just how amazing the musical outcome will be. Speaking to us a few days before her journey, we delved into the radiant and infectious energy that has had many falls in love with Rebecca Winter…

How are you?! How has everything been for you?

Everything is good! It’s hectic, with the release and on top of them, I’m going to Nigeria for two and a half weeks… I need it, I need to get out of this country!

Do you have any plans while you are out there?

Oh yeah! I am actually dropping a project at the end of the year, hopefully, it is going to be called Last Night Lagos. It will be a collaborative project with loads of artists from Lagos, so the album is going to be lit. kind of like the last night in Vegas vibe, so I am currently looking for brands who are interested in sponsoring the campaign.

I can’t wait to meet all the people who have been supporting me from Nigeria… I’m ready!

That is so exciting! How has the process been for you then if you are going out there to finish the album while starting it from over here during a pandemic?

It has been mad! We thank God that I have been able to connect with a lot of these artists over social media. But when I went to Nigeria, about a year and a half ago, I was able to connect with so many artists. And for a lot of them, you have to see them in person for anything to happen. So, I was able to build really good connections with these artists and now have these relationships where we can just ask for verses from each other. And they’ll kill it!

The only annoying thing is, anything in Nigeria takes long ha-ha! Like, they’ll say they will send a beat today but today could legit mean next year.

I feel like you could definitely release more but I feel like you are the type of artist that only releases songs they truly connect with; do you think that is a true statement?

I really do, do that. It is partially done on purpose because for me, I like to put things out that truly represent me. and as well, I have to be able to push it. if I put out something, I am not 100% into it, after two weeks I won’t be interested in pushing it. I want my music to be timeless, so if I can’t push it for 6 months can it do its distance. For example, we made Diamonds nearly two years ago now. I have so many songs in abundance.

So how easy or difficult is it to make a track that you would regard as timeless?

For me, there are some songs I take home from the studio and literally listen to until I fall asleep. So that is the first sign that it is a good one. It does take a minute; it does happen for months maybe years.

How are you feeling about your latest single release, Somebody Else?

The way this song came about was in a conversation with my PRODUCER WHERE I WAS LIKE ‘I need a vibe; I need something else’. So, he sent me the beat and I hit up Gabzy to see if he could give me a vibe. One thing about me is I can’t be in a studio with writers, it has to be just me and the producer. So, Gabzy put a melody down on the beat and I loved it! we then recorded, and Gabzy kept saying Somebody Else so it had to be the chorus.

The song relates to everyone, we have all been in that situation where we feel like there is someone else in the picture. For me, I love to stay winning. So, the song is more of I am better than to be in that situation.

Rebecca winter speaks to IndustryMe about her latest single somebody else

I feel like back in the day, RnB has a load of songs that portrayed the exact opposite of Somebody Else, do you think about that when you create music?

 Definitely. You have to be conscious of everything. I am a very conscious person in terms of who I like to influence, being a role model is hard as an artist but just trying to be someone that can do everything in my power to help people. And that would be the case if I wasn’t doing music. I like to always put a positive spin and allow women to feel and know they are as good as they feel.

You said that if you were not doing music you would still be helping people, how did you know you wanted to be an artist?

I always say I’m in a toxic relationship with music. It can make you feel so good and also make you feel like sh*t. no seriously, no one tells you how hard it is. There was a time where I was really low, I have always been a person that does lots of things. I’ve been into sports, even politics, I have a law degree… so I have always been juggling, and I got to a point where work was getting too much. I was in the office until 7 pm and then studio until 3 am and I couldn’t do it anymore, so I took a break from music and I felt so empty. It is physically impossible for me to leave and stop doing music.

Everything for me has been trial and error, I didn’t have connections like that, so I’ve learned through very authentic ways. I am so grateful to God for bringing all these people that want to do this with me like my manager Daisy. We both met in church and now she is doing this full time, she’s a powerhouse!


How was that knowing that you had to learn and create all these opportunities for yourself?

I am a networking queen! I can sell myself in seconds. I know how to strategically place myself in situations that I need. I am now so woke to everything to do with me and my music, so I can’t be played.

What were the exterior factors that played a part in how you internalise music?

I would always be involved in school plays, talent shows, musicals, everything! That helped because I was shy to sing at home. My number one queen, Beyoncé. Her journey has helped me since day 1. I would put on my mums’ heels and dance in front of the TV Beyoncé.

Also, seeing people go for a lot helped me. I guess as a black woman it has been hard to love myself when I was younger up until the age of 23, to be honest. It was because of society, even in Destiny’s Child, I didn’t take in Kelly’s beauty because they didn’t know how to style dark-skinned girls. There were a lot of external factors.

One of my favourite moments this year was you and Damson Idris! So, when is the wedding?

Girl, I will send you the invitation to our Nigerian wedding ASAP, you’ll get your invite soon! He’s my babes. I was literally on my computer when it happened, I couldn’t believe it!

I am so excited to see what your future holds for you! where do you see yourself or hope to be this time next year?

This time next year I expect to see myself as a powerhouse. I know a year is not long, but I expect to see that. A reliable source of music, I am going to make sure everything is prepared so I can be as consistent as I can be. God Willing, that is what I want for myself in the next year.

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