Review: Nija’s Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You, Jersey Club Remix!

Rhymical. Lively. Sultry. Three of many words you could associate with this large contribution to the music industry by Nija, whose debut solo project Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You has now given us double the serving with each original song receiving the Jersey Club Remix treatment by DJ Flex. A three-time Grammy Award-winning contributor named by People “the brain behind some of the biggest hits…is now ready to make a name for herself” and she has definitely gone full throttle with this release. American songwriter and record producer, Nija has been the songwriter behind a vast amount of the top charts, writing for artists such as Ariana Grande, Cardi B1, Chris Brown, and Jason Derulo2 to name a few. 

Both Nija and DJ Flex originate from New Jersey, explaining the link of these collaborators. Since its January release, the album has achieved a lot of traction, receiving notice and commendations from many. Amassing over 15 million combined global streams, featured in the top 10 R&B Artists to Watch in 2022 for Billboard, and placed among the top 10 R&B Albums on Apple Music, it is clear to see that the music world is responding positively to this release. It is also superb to see Nija getting the recognition she deserves as an artist in her own right, alongside her songwriting achievements thus far. 

My personal preference ventures towards Nija’s original songs from the project as the Jersey Club remixes set a very different tone with synthesised beats, high pace, and repeated loops of phrases. Perfect for a club or anyone who is a fan of techno-influenced R&B remixes. However, I can appreciate the production value of these remixes as they alter the overall vibe of the songs to a more mainstream, beat-heavy style. Although at times, I feel the repetition can lose the focus and delicacies of some of Nija’s originals. 

Some favourites from the project include Beautiful Lies as the melody leaps out of the remix, engaging the listener’s attention from the first seconds. The original features a softer version which is more relaxed but does not lose the song’s potential. Finesse is addictive with its seductive nature and is definitely top of the list to add to your favourite Spotify playlists. Rare features speaking at the beginning of the track – a unique, distinctive change from the other tracks, yet it adds another layer to the lyrical aspect of the narrative and demonstrates the artist’s awareness of the importance of transitions and variety within a project of this magnitude. Last but by no means least, On Call features ease to it that takes the listener along for the ride. The melody melts into itself, a slower introduction to Nija’s vocal performance. The Jersey Club Remix changes up the pace, especially from the minute mark onwards, transitioning to a similar sound that the rest of the remixes feature of looped repetition of snippets from the melody with syncopated beats. 

A big project that is taking the R&B world by storm; have a listen and pick out your favourites from the vast selection. 

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