KTJ & Carly Daddy's Little Lawyer

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KTJ & Carly Release Forthcoming Single, Daddy’s Little Lawyer

KTJ and Carly release Daddy’s Little Lawyer, a catchy, danceable and welcome addition to their already loved portfolio. Out on March 24, the duo’s forthcoming EP should go some way in cementing their reputation as an up-front team of singer-songwriters who promise to become a staple to those searching for exciting new talent.

After their earlier work on ‘Hidden’ and ‘Reckless’ it is right to expect that more will come from this double act, Katy and Carly Haynes from the West Coast, Los Angeles. As it turns out, they are a not-so-new act. They first emerged in 2019 with ‘On your Mind’ the first official single from the identical twins. Since then, they have been, if not quite blazing a trail, establishing themselves as a genuine act.

With youth, comes a devil -may care attitude, and the thrusting sound, built around an electric guitar-driven sound, a bass line pounding in the undertone, and clean, neat production to complete the package, is very much in keeping with the DNA of the lasses from the City of Angels.

Much to their credit, KTJ and Carly have since dipped their toes into the world of Tinseltown, unsurprisingly since they are natives of LA.

They are reported to have scored their first feature film directed by Jordan Danger entitled ‘God Save The Queens.’ 

Notwithstanding, the forthcoming release speaks volumes about the potential of the young ladies. Surely, with such sure-paced production, the future bodes well. With a deft hand at such avant-garde songwriting, there will be no need for ‘Daddy’s Little Lawyer’ as KTJ and Carly will be able to strut their stuff as Judges in their own court.

Words by Lweendo Hamusankwa

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