RICH – ‘All I’ll Do Is Love You More’ Track Review

NYC based R&B artist, RICH, released his latest single All I’ll Do Is Love You More on April 28th. The track follows RICH’s recent debut EP ‘Change’ which came out earlier this year, positively kick starting his career in the music industry.

The chill effortless quality to his voice which we hear on this track, taking clear influence from the likes of Novo Amor and Bon Iver, makes the song both comforting and chilling at the same time.

The single comes to us as he puts together music for his first album release. Throughout this process, he’s been using social media platforms, particularly TikTok to elevate his presence, in anticipation of his upcoming album release. You can typically catch him on TikTok performing stripped back versions of his tracks as well as beautifully remastered covers from some industry favourites.

Lyrically the track bares a sense of vulnerability in the kind of love RICH is depicting. He describes what love feels like and what it means to him. Although, he feels the heaviness of guilt as he failed to express and communicate these feelings in his past relationship.

violate me

talk down to me…

all I’l do is love you more

He still feels love for this person regardless of their situation, but has not yet forgiven himself for what came of it. This makes the song a personal and honest piece which sincerely lyricises the heartbreak and guilt which follows many relationships.

In a recent Instagram post promoting the single, RICH talks about the moments in his life where he felt ‘like I could do anything I set my mind to.’ Through exploring and owning his sexuality and pursuing a career in music he found a community and passion which makes him feel inspired and limitless.

This is sure to shine through in his record to come, but for now listen to All I’ll Do Is Love You More now on all streaming platforms.

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