Rimzee Gives Back to the People with ‘The Entrepreneur’ Event

Rimzee is a rising star in the U.K. scene right now, with his latest single ‘Entrepreneur‘ doing rather well. Now, he’s keeping up the spirit of that song with a new event called ‘The Entrepreneur.’

The cost of living crisis has hit people hard, and this event at Red Bull London gave people the opportunity to learn a thing or two about being an entrepreneur in many different fields. From Big Narstie to Sheldon Palmer, (owner of Chicken Kitchen) budding entrepreneur’s had the chance to learn from many experienced individuals and then connect and form new relationships.

This is an event that will surely be remembered when these future business people have made it and Rimzee will be thanked for his generosity, as well as the good music that he treated people to at the end of the night.

Rimzee is on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok

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