“RISING 6” superhero movie starts pre production via Christina Cooper Productions

Los Angeles based production company Christina Cooper Productions returns with “RISING 6”, a new superhero movie with a modern day take on society.

Director and producer Christina Cooper is determined to break new barriers through her casting choices by choosing several talents who fall within the ‘people of color’ bracket as the 6 super hero leads.

Highlighting the importance of representation within the entertainment industry Christina shares:

“I wanted to create a super hero film that’s relatable to people of color in urban communities nationwide. I want to really define inclusivity.”

“Rising 6” follows 6 characters from poverty-stricken areas around the world who are chosen by government officials as experiments.

As they slowly become aware of their new found powers, things soon begin to take an unexpected turn.

The Rising 6 will soon come together to fight against an unruly government during this new age Global battle.

It is Christina’s wish that this film will be a beacon of hope to those to watch it as she further explains:

“I hope it will show the youth all around the world in urban and poverty areas that they also can relate & become a superhero no matter what their race is or where they come from.”

With the script now finalised, the film is set to release in 2021 as Christina Cooper Productions currently gears up for production. Casting is scheduled to begin between December and January and the team have indicated the that they will be scouting worldwide.

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