KTJ & Carly Are Taking Us on a “Rollercoaster” in New Single

The pop duo KTJ & Carly are back with a dynamic single, “Rollercoaster”, a dramatic statement track. Singer-songwriters Katie and Carly Haynes, known as KTJ & Carly are identical twins who are bursting their way throw the music industry. Growing up in a small town outside Dallas, Texas; the twins were appreciative of music from a tender age both singing and playing instruments since they can remember.

The soon-to-be iconic duo writes, produces, and performs all their music, exploring sounds with EDM and soulful pop into beautiful performances that include elements of storytelling. The duo’s first single “On Your Mind” was a huge deal to them as it was the introduction to their sound and who they are as artists. Throughout the past couple of years, their sound has grown and adapted their single “Cherry Coke”, made a feature on everything from Apple Music’s ‘New in Pop’ playlist.


“Rollercoaster” explores the euphoric highs and devasting lows of a passionate loving relationship. The twins use the single to share a more intimate side, something which as yet has not been seen very often by their fanbase, the softer tones, and delicately thought-out lyrics are in stark contrast to the heavy EDM influence that dominates the baseline of the song. When described this sort of musical mash-up doesn’t sound like something particularly easy on the ear, but in this instance, it’s pulled off. Think of some of the iconic voices of the pop scene over the last couple of decades, the likes of Fergie and Gwen Stefani, some of their most successful and effective music has come from songs that follow a similar formula to “Rollercoaster” The genuine heartfelt vocals, that come from a place of life experience, up close and personal with an intense bouncy EDM bassline will always get bums off seats.

The other key aspect of this single is the atmosphere created throughout. Anticipation is built up through the early stages of the song, reaching a lovely pinnacle, before mellowing out and then repeating the same pattern keeping the audience in eager anticipation. This, of course, neatly links into the metaphor of the actual movements of a rollercoaster, as well as the proverbial rollercoaster of the journey of love, something that is subtle but does not goes on unnoticed.

KTJ & Carly’s new single is out now! A fantastic option to ease you into summer relaxation as the weather picks up, listen here:

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