KTJ & CARLY’s Latest Single Is As Addicting As “Cherry Coke”

We all crave something that’s bad for us, don’t we? For some, it’s the syrupy sweetness of cherry coke or some other carbonated beverage. You know it’s no good for you, but you’re quickly addictive, wanting more.

That’s the feeling that KTJ & CARLY describe in their latest single, the aptly titled “Cherry Coke.”

KTJ & CARLY have been on a roll lately – with songs like “Almost True” and “Enable Me” – and their latest single is sure to continue that streak.

KTJ & CARLY's Latest Single is as Addicting as "Cherry Coke"

The sister duo have been defining their own brand of pop music for the past few years, honing their craft and getting rave reviews in the process. It’s no wonder publications such as American Songwriter, Popular TV, and Earmilk, among others, have been taking notice. In fact, despite 2020 being a year of few live performances, KTJ & CARLY have been growing their fanbase through virtual concerts, including IndustryMe’s first Lockdown Live session.

Now, they’re starting 2021 with a sweetly addictive bang in the form of “Cherry Coke.”

The beat is as bubbly and addicting as the drink the song is named for. Soulful vocals tell the tale of a desire for something you know you shouldn’t have, a feeling that “tastes like cherry coke.”

KTJ & CARLY's Latest Single is as Addicting as "Cherry Coke"

“Reckless nights with you make me lose my logic,” the duo sing over the infectious music. “I don’t wanna stop it, even if it’s toxic.” The song describes that “toxic” kind of love, the one you can’t stop yourself from going back to. It’s that love that takes over all of your thoughts, leaving you hazy, as the lyrics suggest, in the end.

“Cherry Coke” is as hypnotic as the relationship and feelings the song describes. 

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Listen to “Cherry Coke” by KTJ & CARLY here:

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