Sa-Roc Reintroduces Herself in Hand of God Music Video

Sa-Roc is a name that is not rolling off enough tongues, but by the end of this article, you’ll (hopefully) understand why it should be.

Dropping some hard-hitting bars whilst being somewhat of a spiritual gangster, Sa-Roc is a driving force born to bulldoze the gimmicks and rebuild the foundations of hip-hop. Combining her lyrical magic with vocal prowess, she frequently merges genres including hip-hop and one of our personal favourites R&B – as per Hand of God.

Through years of hard, honest work, the seasoned MC has carved a path not only for herself but for everybody around the world via spoken word. Having learned about spiritualism, systematic influences and meditation from a young age, this centered lyrical beast has embraced both her masculine, feminine and shadow sides, erasing boundaries. Hand of God is one of those tracks that speaks through generations; a progressively strong message of choosing truth over compromise, freedom of expression and gratitude (that some may misconstrue due to the simplistic composition of the music video). Did I mention that it’s in 4K?

Juxtaposing hip-hop and R&B, bringing both into the modern-day, is not a new phenomenon. During the 90’s and early 2000s, the likes of The Roots & Erykah Badu, Nas & Lauryn Hill as well as Nelly & Kelly Rowland overloaded the airwaves with well-written up-tempo melodies, rhythm, and poetry. As time progressed through the millennium, we’ve had collaborations from the likes Shane Eagle & The Hics, Drake & Jhene Aiko and many others. That very juxtaposition was once labelled pop music.

Sa-Roc Reintroduces Herself in Hand of God Music Video

Sa-Roc just takes it to another level. Testifying on beats and singing us to solace, she has taken it upon herself to do justice to the gift that she has been given and spare nobody on the way up. This is rare – a marvel. Currently on the ‘A Black Woman Created This’ tour from February 4th to March 13th with the phenomenal Rhapsody, Sa-Roc is said to be seen in Columbus, Chicago, Lawrence, Denver, and Vancouver!

Be sure to check those tour dates if you’re anywhere near those cities! You can also follow Sa-Roc on Instagram for a little more on her personal life, performances and vegan food inspo while you’re at it.

Sa-Roc Reintroduces Herself in Hand of God Music Video

HONOURABLE MENTION: Taking a moment to get a little sentimental, the Goddess MC’s music was introduced to me some three years ago via a music video for her song Forever’. Her catalogue is worth it, trust me.

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