Darla Jade Feels 'Overcrowded' in New Track

#IMMusicMonday: Darla Jade Feels ‘Overcrowded’ in New Track

We all know about that feeling of being surrounded by people yet still feeling as if you’re all alone, but have you ever felt smothered, even when no one else is around? In Darla Jade’s newest song, ‘Overcrowded,’ she puts those feelings into words.

‘Overcrowded’ is personal, delving deep into mental and emotional well-being – intrusive thoughts, brain never turning off, feelings of inadequacy, constant overthinking…topics that are important but never spoken about enough.

Luckily, we have artists like Darla Jade, who are not afraid to talk about anxiety and other mental health issues.

The track is slow and haunting, opening with the sound of a piano. That beginning alone is enough to make the listener emotional. It sets the tone for the lyrics. It’s sad, solemn, dark.

Once Jade’s vocals arrive, they carry words of negativity, words that so many of us have heard in our lives. ‘You’d say I’m crazy if I told you just what my brain thinks,’ she sings, and you can feel the pain that she feels. So many of us keep our thoughts to ourselves, out of fear that we will be labeled harshly, and Darla Jade captures those feelings of anxiety perfectly.

Several times in the track, Jade sings “I’m jealous of the people who don’t give a shit,” declaring she can’t escape her thoughts. These feelings – that the mind is always on, never at rest, constantly thinking, thinking, thinking – are what make Jade – and so many others just like her – feel overcrowded even with no one else around.

‘Even when I’m alone, I still feel overcrowded,’ sings Jade in the chorus, and, wow, does it cut deep. Later in the song, the word ‘overcrowded’ is repeated, and, at first, this doesn’t seem important. However, it does appear to represent something: the repetition imitates the non-stop barrage of thoughts in one’s mind, those anxious thoughts that we can’t escape.

Overall, the music is minimal, Jade’s vocals ethereal, and the message poignant. Every element of ‘Overcrowded’ aids in evoking the same feelings Jade sings about. While the song isn’t snappy or something to dance to, it is definitely a song that listeners can – and likely will – relate to.

Tracks like ‘Overcrowded’ are important. In the UK, where Darla Jade is based, approximately one in four people experience a mental health problem each year, and different kinds of anxiety and depression are the most prominent.

As more artists openly speak and sing about mental health issues, just as Darla Jade is doing with ‘Overcrowded,’ the less stigmatized these issues will become.

To keep up with the latest on Darla Jade, check out her website and follow her on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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