Sam Fischer and Meghan Trainer Are Amazing Together on ‘Alright’

On June 2nd, esteemed musicians Sam Fischer and Meghan Trainer shared their glistening new single ‘Alright‘. Furthermore, the track is inspired by the feeling of finding the calm inside yourself. This is after previously feeling the weight of the world on yourself.

It is a collaboration that has received a warm response from both artists’ audiences. Australian singer-songwriter Sam Fischer first made his mark on the industry with his 2018 release ‘The City’. This elevated his status and brought him to work with some hugely influential figures in pop music. Meghan Trainer, known for her energetic pop star status, has seen masses of success over the past few years. This has included the release of ‘Takin’ It Back’ in 2022 and the deluxe in 2023. When speaking of her collaboration with Sam, she states; ‘I am so honoured to finally have duetted with this legend’.

Speaking on the tracks’ formation, Sam expresses; “I wrote the chorus of Alright in the shower in 2018 while I was having an anxiety attack. I calmed myself down by saying “I’m gonna be alright” repeatedly – then went to the studio and smashed out the song!

Meghan Trainor is one of the most talented humans I’ve worked with and on top of that, we’ve been great mates for years. She heard me play the track and wanted to jump on it – obviously I said ‘hell yeah’ and 4 years later the time has finally come to unleash this beautiful beast on the world.”

This catchy, upbeat pop song has an empowering message behind it, delivered by the sweet pairing of the duo’s vocals.

For more information on Sam Fischer and his rise to success, read our recent interview with him here.

‘Alright’ is out now, and you can keep up to date with Sam and Meghan on Instagram.

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