Sammi Constantine

Exclusive Premiere: Sammi Constantine Is Working Through “Growing Pains”

Australian pop songstress Sammi Constantine returns with stellar new single “Growing Pains”.  

The unsettling uncertainty of 2020 has shaken many to their core, but Sammi Constantine is determined to let fans know that they are not alone. Releasing one song a month as her own unique way of putting the puzzle pieces of her life together, this year has been one of introspection, with Constantine’s music reflecting her journey of personal growth as a musical diary of sorts. 

Using her lyricism as a means of therapeutic release Constantine’s releases to date have tackled topics of mental health and empowerment.  

Ripping the band-aid right off, in this next instalment Sammi Constantine grapples with her own flaws and self-destructive habits.  

Speaking on the song Sammi shared  

“Growing Pains” is about owning up to all my flaws and ugly traits and finally being honest with myself. Laying it all on the table, it’s a painful realisation that all my inner demons have always been controlled by my own actions. Somewhere along the way, I lost who I was and became comfortable hiding in the corners of my mind.” 

Beneath the haunting synths and gripping snares lies a refreshingly candid electro-pop track; continuing with enchanting edgy sounds explored on previous single “Heroine”

“Growing Pains”, saw the pop singer reconnect with the minds behind “Trigger Heavy” – working once more alongside Janeva Burrill as co-write and Cyrus as co-write and producer. 

If that wasn’t enough to excite you, Sammi Constantine has alluded to plans to follow this audio release with striking visuals, tapping creative partner and friend Trystin Sinnott on the shoulder once again to help bring her ideas to life.  

With more already promised to be in the pipeline, Sammi Constantine will remain one to watch for the remainder of 2020. 

Listen to “Growing Pains” here: 

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