KTJ + carly enable Me

Emotions Run High For KTJ And Carly On “Enable Me”

Pop meets soul for KTJ and Carly’s latest single “Enable Me”.

Beginning as little more than muted tones on the other side of a cryptic dial tone, the track builds into an intriguing tale of toxicity propelled by soulful harmonies and synth-driven rhythms.

“Enable Me,” is the second single off KTJ and Carly’s forthcoming upcoming EP and stands as an embodiment of everything the pair’s fans have grown to love about them – reflective lyricism and powerhouse vocals. 

KTJ and Carly Enable Me

Much like the scenario being described, there is something delightfully alluring about the vibrato that carries the first verse. In true KTJ and Carly fashion, this was followed by a signature anthemic chorus and warm rounded harmonies, which continued to intensify as the emotion of the track grew.

Previous tracks like “Almost True” have showcased the duo’s ability to excel within this electronic domain, with “Enable Me” seeing the pair flex their musical muscles with its production.

Determined to uphold their momentum Even amid a pandemic, the LA-based duo have been hard at work, performing for the virtual Pridefest, What The Sound Fest and their own late-night sessions, “Late Night Live.”

And music isn’t the only realm where the pair are making their mark.

2020 has also seen KTJ and Carly land their first feature film, “God Save The Queen,” directed by Jordan Danger.

With their debut EP, “Identity,” which is due out late October already in the works, the excitement keeps on coming.

Listen to “Enable Me” here:

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