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Sena Kana brings “a sense of warmth” with her new EP, Serenity

If the phrase ‘Peace Love and Positivity’ was a movie, Serenity by Sena Kana would be its soundtrack.

A collection of four new songs – “Serenity,” “Undisputed,” “Believe in You,” and “Your Eyes”, Sena describes the EP as a showcase of her creative diversity and spread a positive message to the world.

Born in Tokyo, Japan, Sena’s passion for music began at an early age. Despite evident language barriers, she became transfixed with western musicals such as Mary Poppins and Sound of Music. By the time she was in high school, the multi-instrumentalist had already played lead roles in numerous stage plays.

Serious in honing her craft, Kana was accepted into one of Japan’s most prestigious music academies where she learned classic fundamental techniques by day and performed Mozart’s “Don Giovanni” for her classmates by night.

Though she is in the early part of her career, Kana has already made history. The first female Japanese artist to reach Gold status since Yoko Ono, her previous single ‘UP’ featuring rapper Wiz Khalifa and Australian indie-pop band Sheppard has amassed over 87 million streams!

Her soprano tone will draw you in but her message of ‘peace and joy’ is what will captivate you. 

sena kana serenity

The EPs opening track delves straight into this.


Preaching to her listeners to ‘focus on positivity’ rather than negativity, Sena proclaims the healing and joy experienced by maintaining her Serenity. Her high pitched vocals contrast nicely with the Skrillex EDM inspired backdrop. 

Spotlight Lyric: Takes Some Time not overnight/ checking the negativity


The next track Undisputed finds Sena questioning an admirer whether they have the guts to be her ‘warrior’. Executive producer POO Bear takes the role of the pursuer and a nice back and forth ensues between the two. At times Sena’s shrill vocals do not blend smoothly with Bear’s soulful tone thus giving the track an uneven feel. This is actually a positive as the uneven texture adds nicely to the lyrical trade-off between the two.

Spotlight Lyric: Are You My One Man Army/Am I Your Destination/Are You Shining Bright With The Glory/Lighting Up The Location

Believe in You

Believe in You unfortunately is the lowlight of the EP. Though as a whole the uplifting tone of the song is appreciated, the production is a letdown and the track almost feels like a filler.

Spotlight Lyric: Do You Believe In You/Like I Believe In You/Wish You Could See Yourself From My Eyes

Your Eyes

From lowlight to Highlight, the closing track Your Eyes is the star of the EP. Blending traditional Japanese instrumental with a dubstep inspired beat was genius and fulfills the creative diversity that I was searching for in the EP. Delivering her best vocal performance on the song, Sena’s soprano tone flows effortlessly over the production. The track will definitely become a fan favourite for live performances.

Spotlight Lyric: Right Here/You Should Never Feel Let Out/Though Your Sick Of Being Let Down/ 

Sena Kana brings “a sense of warmth” with her Serenity and is a positive start for the enchanting songstress.

Listen to “Serenity” here:

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