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SHOR Reads The Writing On The Wall On New Track “Usually”

Minimalist synth-pop sounds like an oxymoron at first, but after hearing “Usually” by SHOR that one-line summary begins to make a little bit more sense.  

It’s a pocket of the electronic scene that SHOR sits neatly in and creates a great backdrop for his distinct vocals – think Raleigh Ritchie but a little less raw. While the passion for what he’s singing is evident, the London based singer/producer has a novel way of communicating this without sounding like he’s trying too hard, a key element of what makes his music so easy to listen to. 

Narrowly missing nonchalance and arriving at the subconsciously addictive zone of melancholy, “Usually” tells the story of someone who is being mistreated by their love interest, from the perspective of an outsider.

Speaking on the song he shared:

“Usually was produced and written by me, I wrote it with my girlfriend about a mutual friend who was being messed about by a guy. it’s frustrating to see someone you care about being hurt, especially when they seem completely blind to it, I guess the song is a product of that. It was the first time we’d written together and the song came together surprisingly quickly!”

Melodically “Usually” follows the template heard on “Lesson”, slowing down the tempo to reflect a slightly more sombre subject matter. 

Listen to “Usually” here:

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