Michael Garmany Drops Smooth Single Still Missing

Drawing on his own romantic experience, the talented singer-songwriting Michael Garmany is set to release his new single ‘Still Missing’. This follows on after the success of his previous single ‘Bored to Death’ and continues to not let the global situation affect his work rate.

Music began for Garmany when he learned to play guitar after getting into punk music. Whilst being grounded for four months, he learned how to record songs which he later uploaded onto MySpace which led him to be a part of the band The Holdup. Growing up in the Bay Area, he was exposed to a wide range of musical influences such as Bone Thugs, 2Pac, and Social Distortion which gives him a lot of room to pay homage to a range of genres. This has created a unique and refreshing pop sound for Garmany that can be heard in all his singles.

The sheer impressiveness of Garmany is shown in ‘Still Missing’. He creates all his songs by himself from songwriting to mastering, and the cohesiveness of this track creates a well-polished feel for the listener. By taking elements of different genres and placing them into one track, Garmany is able to create a track that can appeal to a wide range of people no matter what their favourite genres are. Despite the fact that his lyrics may seem gloomy, Garmany accompanies these lyrics against an upbeat backdrop, filled with bass guitar and percussion. The addition of keys in the chorus adds another dimension to the section, allowing it to stand out from the verses. Taking on a slower tempo than his previous single ‘Bored to Death’, Garmany still maintains the upbeat vibe which will surely have your foot tapping away. 

What’s not to love about Michael Garmany’s latest single? His sleek production is easy on the ears and really stirs up a groove from within. It is a track that showcases who Garmany is as an artist and gives the listener an insight into what kind of songs we can be anticipated for in the future as he extends his musical catalogue. 

Listen to Still Missing here:

Words by: Nat Siaw-Agyeman

For Michael on his socials: 

Instagram | Twitter

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