Skrapz Makes a Meditated Comeback with ‘Reflection’ (Album Review)

West London MC Skrapz is back, with fifteen bar-heavy tracks. ‘Reflection‘ is his first studio project since 2021, as the Ice City Boyz (ICB) rapper balances flexing with introspective moments. This LP touches on politics, poverty, addiction, trauma, power, revenge, and inner conflict

For new listeners, Skrapz has a few famous friends that co-sign his talent, including ICB group-mate Nines, Potter Payper, and M Huncho – all of whom feature on this album. Despite this, perhaps the most attractive aspect of this new project is how he is differentiating himself. The U.K. rapper is leaning into melodic rap and showcasing his versatility. He recruits melodic rap G.O.A.T.s D-Block Europe, secures Tiggs Da Author for diamond hooks, and even taps into his R&B contacts with Bellah at his side.

Some of the best tracks on this album are solo efforts, just him, a hard beat, and his storytelling skill. He is brutally honest about the downsides of his lifestyle, his time in prison, and how his upbringing has made him the man he is today.

Slippery Slope ft. Tiggs Da Author and M Huncho

With one of the catchiest hooks I’ve heard this year, this song has all the ingredients for a radio smash. Skrapz pairs his steely, calm, monotone voice to a hype track with stellar production. However, another verse from the rapper would’ve perfected this track for me. It’s a short snippet that showcases how he can thrive on mainstream tracks. With M Huncho by his side doing his thing, Skrapz couldn’t lose with this track.

Line of Fire Pt. 8 ft Trapstar Toxic, Streetz, Fatz, Cash Money & Storm Millian

If you’re looking for bars on bars, give this one a listen. Skrapz challenges some next-up UK rap talent to a cypher. This song teems with crazy crime stories, inflated egos, life wisdom, and double entendres. Nice bar for the sneakerheads: “Had to air it out in Forces like he’s undefeated”.

Slim Chance

If you are still unsure about Skrapz’s talent, give ‘Slim Chance‘ a listen. Here, the MC paints pictures with his words. He tells a true story from the streets, acting as a warning to young people on the wrong path. The Londoner mentions his Mum on this track, noting how she ensures he remains close to God. These revelations show how much honesty and heart he pours into his music.

In summary, this is a great comeback record for the British rapper. This record shows a man who is a work-in-progress, who is open and honest with what he’s been through. Long-time listeners will appreciate his solo moments and the stories he has to share. However, with the amount of catchy hits on this album – he will likely gain a new audience too. We look forward to seeing what’s next for Skrapz.

Rating: 7/10

Skrapz is on Instagram, X, and TikTok. Read more album reviews here and stream ‘Reflection‘ below.

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