So You Want To Be…A Dancer: Conversations With Tamar Dixon

Tamar Dixon is a professional dance artist, practitioner and founder of Unique Movez Dance Collective. Trained in Contemporary, Choreography, Hip Hop and West African & Caribbean dance practices. Since graduation, Tamar fulfilled her love for dance in Arts Education and Artist Development. From assisting youth dance companies, coordinating clubs, participating on international intensives to now successfully directing her own company, Unique Movez. 

When and how did you first fall in love with dancing?

Although I have been dancing practically my whole life, I first fell in love with dance during my studies at college. I had the opportunity to choreograph a routine for the other students on my course, as part of our end of year project. I loved the overall experience. I simply love to create and share my ideas. 

If there was one dance you wish you choreographed what would it be and why?

Good question, however I only wish I took more teaching/choreography opportunities when I was younger. I remember the days at college before I began professional training. I was so caught up in performance and underestimated how skillful it would be to choreograph.


What are the top 3 songs on your playlist right now?

Bucie – It Burns. 

Tiwa Savage – Ma Lo

Sizzla – Solid as a Rock

How do you deal with the competitive nature of your field?

In the past, I used to feel anxious and doubtful of my own work. Now the competitive nature does not bother me because I remind myself that my craft & the industry overall is abundant.

What does your weekly fitness routine consist of?

My routine consists of attending the gym, dance classes (for technique development) and meditation. I like yoga and guided meditation prior to my exercise regime.

Do you keep to a specific diet?

Nope! I drink plenty of water. My breakfast is always filled with fruit and Weetabix. I am a pescatarian. 

What is your biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome as a dancer?

Honestly… myself! Overcoming self sabotage. When you undermine your own ability and strengths. That is one challenge I have overcome. But hey I am still on a journey to becoming a mentally healthier & stronger individual.

Just a note to self: think more positively about yourself.

If you could any advice to your 13 year old self what would it be?

lol I was wild and careless! One thing I would say is to slow down. I was (still am today) a go-getter, always on the go. I would tell myself that ‘time’ is on my side. There is more than enough time to achieve anything you want in life. Slow down and live in the moment.

How does teaching dancer differ to being a dancer yourself?

The difference is, the dancer performs and showcases the talent and artistic skills. While the teacher plans, prepares and delivers how to perform those artistic skills. I am proud to be a dance teacher and I am proud of my transition over the past 10 years.

Any final words of advice for the aspiring dancers out there? 

Don’t rush your journey. Take everyday as it comes. Each and every experience is a learning curve and another step forward. You have more than enough time to reach your goals or desires. Be open minded and prepare yourself for any set backs. 

As I always say… #expressyaself

You can learn more about Tamar and Unique Movez at:

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