Tae & The Wave Throw It Back To “2002”

Alternative pop artist, Tae & The Wave have released summer anthem 2002 on June 14th2019.

Unafraid to experiment through the normalities of the pop genre, LA based Dante Brunetto is back releasing his 5thsingle 2002. Over the last decade Dante has developed a following through playing at classic LA venues such as The Hotel Café and music festivals such as two of Ohio’s largest festivals, Numbers Music Fest and Breakaway Music Festival.

Upon listening to 2002 it practically transports you to another world – one where you are driving in a convertible with the sun streaming on your face and this song blaring on repeat. The song and its sun kissed melodies take you straight to summer, which is what I think Dante is trying to achieve.

The musical arrangement throughout the song is meticulous yet peaceful with the layering of instruments. Graceful piano and plucked acoustic guitar notes leading to the nostalgic summery tones of 2002.

2002 works as a summer anthem on its own, whilst also being an ode towards the idealized notion of pop music. With simple lyrics radiating positivity throughout the tone of the song it is a celebration of the happiness that comes along with the sunshine and summer. This song aims to have the effect of looking through a book of old photographs transporting you back to a happier time.

This easy listening song is the perfect one to keep you going throughout the next couple of summer months.

With plans to release a Tae & The Waves EP later this year, will you be listening in?


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