Tahn Solo Shares His Latest track “The Rumour”

Tahn Solo is an artist that begs and contradicts the age-old topic of ‘Is R&B dead?’ However, it is quite a prominent conversation on and offline. I think it is fair to say that whilst it might not be getting the flowers it deserves, the UK R&B scene is something to be excited about. Of course, by now we’re all familiar with the likes of Jorja Smith, RAY BLK, and NAO. Who have brought their unique flavour to the table. Performers such as ENNY, Mahalia and Tiana Major9 are each also experiencing their breakthrough moments. Showing how important the genre is right now.

Perhaps the greatest thing about the R&B scene within the country is the abundance of diverse and emerging talent waiting to breakthrough.

Just on first listen of his new track “The Rumour” it is apparent that he makes music to make you feel. The instantaneous soothing nature of his voice makes the hairs on your neck stand up and prepares you for the magical journey that the track is about to transport you through.

The dark and compelling piece takes inspiration from the Netflix hit The Umbrella Academy and the fact that our worlds can hold so much power. The superhero series is based on the comics of Gerard Way.

“The Rumour” has quite an ominous sound to it throughout, but the closing lyrics of “Maybe we can find a way if we make it through today, everything will be okay” show us that there’s always light amongst the darkness.

The South East London performer did his thing on this, so we have to give him props. The song is expected to appear on his upcoming EP and was produced by close collaboration Motion Hyrule.

Make sure to keep uo to date with Tahn on social media and listen to the track OUT NOW!

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