Tee Peters Shares the Love and the Importance of Growth on ‘Vows & K-Dramas’ (Review)

Tee Peters has certainly been a busy man. We predicted a successful period last year, and he certainly achieved that. One thing to note about Peters is his work rate. 2023 gifted fans with ‘Working Szn 4‘, the complete edition of ‘Strasbourg & Home‘, and ‘NoSecrets Vol. 1‘. Tee is known for his openness in his music, and having announced his marriage recently, it’s no surprise to see him dedicate a whole project to this special moment.

This is quite short at just 7 tracks (including an interlude) and 13 minutes long, but it tells the story it needs to. You get some smooth and conscious rap, jazzy and soulful production, and the impact of this recent moment.

No Frowns‘ is a great introduction. The Working Class Band provides a classy piano instrumental, with a sprinkling of sax. This fits nicely alongside Tee’s delivery, which lets the audience know the themes of this record. It reflects on where he came from and who he is now. Clearly, his newly married partner is a key player in that journey.

Following this, we get ‘Do Hyeon‘, a soul/jazz cut that implements sampling very well. The stop/start nature of the sample is used to match the more direct rapping, working very well. Focusing on being judged by those around you and the baggage of life functions as an insight into how people felt about him and the relationship at its beginning.

Right Side (She’s Mine)‘ is very dreamy, courtesy of the work of Mensing. We get some sensuality and singing, as the artist tells us how his partner made him a better man. Meanwhile, ‘Age? I forgot‘ is very relatable for those of us in our middle to late 20s. It once again touches on progression, but this time focusing on age and how it takes you by surprise sometimes. The storytelling is on point and sounds crisp over this instrumental, which is more about the soulful sounds than the sample.

The end of that track and the following interlude feature a voicemail of Tee’s friend talking about playing with him alongside his own partner. It’s a very full circle moment, that not only sits nicely in the tracklist, but this EP’s overall statement. ‘Before Marriage‘ brings us back to the music, giving a more orchestral feel with some soulful samples. His flow is very nice here, and the sudden introduction of the kick drums gives the track that extra oomph.

While the prior song focuses on how his partner has made him better, ‘What a View‘ brings the attention back to his wife. Scentless and Phlocalyst give listeners the most mellow and relaxed production on the project. The best touch here is the gospel choir, who helped Tee by singing some of the words with him in time. As we’ve seen throughout the record, you can see how much this person means to Peters, and it’s an apt closer.

Tee Peters has provided not only an insight into his own life but why he is a talented musician. He can flow over top-tier production, annunciate his feelings (despite stating otherwise), and be consistent in his craft. Whoever he works with, this rapper knows how to make some enjoyable conscious rap and give people what they want. While this EP gives the right amount of content, we still look forward to a full-length project.

Score: 7.5/10

Tee Peters is on Instagram, X, and TikTok. You can stream the project below and read more reviews here.

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