Honest Insight: The Lessons Learned From The Music Law Seminar

If you were fortunate enough to catch our Instagram Story, you’ll know that we had the pleasure of attending the Music Law Seminar at PPL, hosted by Lawyer Abi Jenaé Lufadeju.

Music Lawyer Abi Jenae hosting the music Law Seminar at PPl

Having attended the seminar this time last year I was of course excited to see what this year would hold; and not just because our photography was used on this year’s official flyer. (Thank you, we really appreciate it!)

The event consisted of networking, Q&As and an insightful panel discussion, with a wide array of industry professionals.

Speakers on the night included:

  • Terence Daniel, PPL Collecting Society
  • Jataneel Banerjee, PRS for Music, Collecting Society
  • Ali Pearsall, CC Young & Co, Music Accountant Firm
  • Daniel Lewis, Artist Manager & Managing Director of Freckleface Music 
  • Aiden Hogarth, Multi Award Winning Composer & Record Producer
  • David Olusegun, Co-founder of Black Diamond
  • Leeza Panayiotou, Music Lawyer
    Dorothea Thompson, Bray & Krais, Music Law Firm


What Did We Talk About At The Music Law Seminar?

Pictures taken from the Music Law Seminar at PPLPictures taken from the Music Law Seminar at PPL

The evening began with an introduction to PPL given by Terrance Daniel.

In a nutshell PPL is focused on master rights given to sound recordings.

The overview answered some of our burning questions including, who could sign up, how musicians get paid and how the rights on songs were split.

The stand out pieces of advice were simply to ensure that ALL your singles were registered and not just your most popular ones, as PPL are able to collect royalties from a range of different avenues.

Quite candidly put by Terrance:

If you played bass, clapped your hands, played the triangle or even coughed, you need to make you’ve registered your rights

The fun continued with a panel discussion, which gave the audience the opportunity to hear from music producers, artist managers, music accountants (just learning that’s a thing), and of course music lawyers.

Some enlightening nuggets of information were shared surrounding the importance of transparency and the considerations to be made when negotiating management deals.

An interesting point was made by Aden who, when discussing his story, spoke about being bold and unafraid to critique things, particularly when you feel that you have the solution.

Clink Clink

The evening came to a close with drinks and networking. It was amazing to be surrounding by so many driven, creative individuals each with their own unique perspective and expertise.

Needlessly to say I left the event feeling inspired and with a wealth of ideas for content in 2019.

Other Useful Tips From The Music Law Seminar:

Some other tips, I could not close this post without mentioning are the following.

  • Leveraging social media

Daniel Lewis spoke passionately about “Sliding into DMs, professionally” and the world of opportunities it could open up when done correctly.

  • Having Global Appeal 
  • David Olusegun also mentioned the importance of having a global appeal and seeing past short term local success.
  • Be Receptive
  • Simple but wise words from Aden Hogarth, who touched on the importance of being open minded and learning how to respond to criticism without taking it personally.
  • All in all it was another informative evening, which I was glad I attended.

  • Top tips from music business insiders

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