The Rise of the Podcast in 2018

Podcasts have definitely become the new wave that everyone seems to have jumped on recently and I am all the way here for it.

Listeners get a chance to digest fresh, relatable and organic conversation with absolutely no filter. Usually focused on one or more topics and delivered in the form of digital audio or recording. Similar to a radio show, but the only difference is, the Podcast episodes can be accessed on demand whenever desired.

Some might say this is a recipe for disaster but the sudden rise in Podcast popularity tells a very different story. According to Podcast insights, as of 2018, there are now over half a million active podcasts and this number continues to rise daily.

How Has Podcasting Developed Over The Years?

Contrary to popular belief Podcasting is not a new thing, it was formerly known as audio-blogging in the early 80s. But things only really took off in 2004 and since then things have significantly developed. The advance in modern technology is partly responsible for the glow up. When Apple introduced the Podcast app on their mobile devices back in 2008 things have never been quite the same.

Listeners now have the option to plug-in whilst on the go, opposed to being constrained to their computer. In addition to this as of 2018 Podcasts are now more widespread than ever before. At present, they are being utilized across various industries. For e.g. within the classroom, a resource for self-care, discussing relevant world topics and the list goes on.

Why Have Podcasts Become So popular?

Podcasts have most certainly flourished and their surge in popularity I believe is down to these three factors.

  •  Low costs

It does not cost that much to get the ball rolling. In fact, production is relatively cheap all that is required is a good quality microphone and of course a quiet place to record. I guess this is why most people have gone down the podcast route because it is very cost effective.

  • No filter policy

Unlike radio shows that are regulated by contracts, rules and regulation, podcasts hosts tend to speak with a lot more freedom. Nothing is off limits and I guess this is where it becomes very appealing to listeners.

Mainstream media is very structured whereas Podcast flows freely, which leads me to my next popularity point.

  • Engaging

Listening to a Podcast is a very intimate and engaging experience. It almost feels like you are sitting around and having a deep conversation with the people closest to you. The host and listeners become familiar with each other over time listener engagement increases. Especially with the help of social media, listeners are able to interact further with the hosts by answering questions, leaving feedback and using relevant hashtags.

How Have Podcasts Impacted On Urban Culture?

The rise of the Podcast appears to have made a positive impact on urban culture. Creatives are utilizing the medium to establish their own platforms. The Podcast has helped the culture create their own narratives and be in control of image portrayal. All of which helps to build a brand and most importantly give Urban culture its own voice, as it is usually missing from the mainstream media. Most podcasts cover topics that are relatable and appeal to their listeners, ultimately helping to build a solid community of listeners. Once this has been established, great things can be established.

Tolly T, Milena Sanchez and Audrey formerly known as Ghana’s finest from the receipts podcast live on bbc 1xtra

The huge success of The Receipts Podcast is a great example of this. The popularity of the show landed led to a slot on BBC 1extra. This is major and it shows how the impact of a Podcast can create avenues for paid opportunities, sponsorships and wider audience exposure. In the UK and across the pond urban culture is thriving off this big dick energy from the rise of the Podcast. There is now a growing trend of popular podcast combining both audio and visual content. Taking Listeners behind the scenes and allowing them to see how the magic happens. Again, this is a bonus that helps to enhance the overall Podcast experience and build an online presence.

A List Of Podcasts We are Recommending

If you are new to the Podcast world or you just want to check out a few new ones, take a look at these recommendations below.

  • The Receipts
  • Over The Bridge
  • Carry Dem Go
  • Noteverydaypod
  • Off The Cuff
  • 90s Baby show
  • NoShade Podcast
  • Trusting The Process
  • 3 Shots of Tequila
  • Half Cast Podcast
  • Melanin Millenials
  • Rice At Home Podcast
  • 2Sides1Coin Podcast
  • The Mandem Podcast
  • Meet Us After 7
  • HaveSeveralSeats Podcast
  • Politalk Podcast

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