Spotlight BHM Special: Darren Tenkorang

As CEO Darren’s job is to organise his team and steer TRIM-IT in the right direction. He came up with the idea for the brand in 2015 and has been building the company ever since.

As one of the inspired minds behind the U.K’s first app powered mobile barbershop, IndustryMe were excited to discuss how the idea came about as part of our Black History Month special.

What Inspired The Idea For TRIM-IT?

This is actually quite a funny story. The inspiration for trim-it actually came during the course of a bad date. Before you laugh hear me out. I pretty much left planning the date till last minute. I had no venue no outfit planned and most importantly no trim. So I had to wait for hours to get my hair cut and ended up being late for the date. In that moment I thought “wouldn’t it be convenient if there was a way to schedule trims” and the idea for trim it was born. Since then convenience has remained at the heart of the business.

At What Point Did You Realise That TRIM-IT Could Actually Be Something Great? 

It was quite organic if I’m honest. There was no pinpointed moment but rather the realisation that others were facing a similar problem. It became real when I released my idea could benefit the masses.

What’s A Typical Day In Your Life Like?

The question implies that I have typical days (laughs). My days are incredibly varied and I pivot between a number of roles. At the moment I’m raising investment so typically going to investor meetings sorting out legals, and finance-ie stuff.  Being a founder the concept of 9-5 doesn’t really exist, I work evenings late shifts and  weekends. Running a business is a 25/8 kind of role.

The interior and exterior of a TRIM-IT van

What Have Been The Biggest Lessons You’ve Learned From The Last Year Of Business?

A major lesson I learned was, without sounding conceited, I am the life and soul of the business. Preserving my mental health is key to our success. In order for business to be good I have to be.

As Well As Being The Founder of TRIM-IT, What Other Pursuits Do You Have Going?

When I’m not doing TRIM-IT I am working as a partner at a creative agency called paq.

Describe How You Felt After Winning YSYS “Man Of The Year”

If I am being perfectly honest it was a massive shock.

What Are You Hoping to Accomplish by The End of This Year?

The year is almost done, let me get through it with new investment and I’ll be happy.

What’s Been The Biggest Surprise on Your Journey So Far?

As cheesy as it sounds every day is so different that nothing even surprises me anymore.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about starting their own business?

Like Nike says, Just do it. People get so caught up in the planning stages. You learn by doing so just go for it. No-one understands your context better than you, so take that into consideration when you take advice. It can be quite dangerous to solely rely on the advice of others without giving view to your own standpoint.

Any final shoutouts or plugs?

Of course YSYS, who have a had a massive impact and also Debbie. She is doing so much for the start up scene. Lots of black founders doing their thing right now. It’s a great time to have a startup.

More about TRIM-IT:
TRIM-IT Services Ltd, a London based tech company, has released a Barber app and web service establishing UK Barbers on the TRIM-IT platform and presenting their portfolios to a network of users eager to cut the queues. Darren Tenkorang and his team founded the company in May 2016 shortly after the Startup Sussex competition where the TRIM-IT App was awarded first place by the Sussex Innovation Center.
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