The Story So Far… A Music Industry Panel

Founded by Sophie Jackson of Music In Motion and Taz of Alternative Content, two industry greats have come together to form The Story So Far. An event aiming to tell the story of industry professionals’ careers, describing each decision to what got them to this moment right now. 

The industry panel on the 13th October 2021, at 7 pm at Strongroom Studios in Shoreditch, is sure to provide added knowledge on working in Music. Hosted by M Lavontelle, it is a panel packed with industry professionals such as, founder Taz, who was the first UK rapper signed to Def Jam, an Ivor Novello winner, responsible for co-writing hit tracks like Akon – Locked up, Ashanti – Baby Remix, and Dizzie Rascal – Just A Rascal. 

Paul Kennedy, a renowned music manager & publisher who founded 12one Entertainment, legendary UK artist DJ Ironik, Shane Mizermilli co-founder of Dreamlife Records at Sony UK and founder of Mizermillion, and more. Established video director, Frost, and from Atlanta, entrepreneur and wife to Neyo, Crystal Smith.

This follow-up night is an extended panel from the success of their first event back in September. Which featured Taz, SK manager to number 1 charting artist Russ, Isa Perez of Dreamlife Records/manager to Miss La Familia, renowned photographer Zek Snaps, Gorillaz tour manager and promoter, London The Plug, and Shauni Caballero.

Expected to be a who’s who of industry professionals and artists, the event is an amazing opportunity to learn and expand your network, if you are looking to get into the music industry.

Tickets are just £15 from Dice and can be found here: The Story So Far Tickets | £16.95 | 13 Oct @ Strongroom Bar, London | DICE 

Doors open at 7 pm, with the panel from 8-10:30 pm and a DJ playing out until 12!

For press passes/talent interviews contact: 

See you there!

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