Trong Hieu To Release ‘Under the Same Sky’ Featuring Artists from Around the World

Trong Hieu, the winner of Vietnam’s version of American Idol, is back again with a song for a great cause.

‘Under the Same Sky’ is a collaborative effort between Hieu and 18 other artists, including some you may be familiar with, including Darla Jade who is no stranger to IndustryMe readers. The full list includes artists from all over the world – from the United States to Malaysia – sending a powerful message: we are all in this together.

Hieu previously released a Vietnam-only version of the song in April. The response was positive, and, given the optimistic outlook of the song, this collaboration is sure to receive the same.

Written during quarantine, Hieu’s song comes with a strong message. Instead of focusing on our differences, he wanted to spread love and solidarity.


In the English language version, scheduled for release on June 3, Hieu and his collaborators emphasize the power that standing together has. “We will make bigger changes if we stand as one,” they sing, and it’s a message that will ring true for years to come.

This mission is noble, perhaps now more than ever. In light of recent news combined with the very real pandemic the entire world is still dealing with, Hieu’s message is important and not one to forget.

Even better? The song has another goal: to support anyone who is in need. Once the track is released, Hieu intends to donate the revenue from the audio and video to Unicef Vietnam.

Hieu has also started a fundraiser to go along with the song. Donations will help children from around the world receive the food, water, and education they need.

Trong Hieu became a celebrity of sorts in 2015 when he won Vietnam Idol, becoming an instant Vietnamese star. His parents are Vietnamese refugees who settled in Germany. Now, as he enters the global scene, he is becoming a force to be reckoned with.

For Hieu’s latest releases, subscribe to his YouTube channel, where the English version of ‘Under the Same Sky’ is set to be released on June 3.


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