Darla Jade Has No Time for Frenemies in Latest Single

Frenemy (noun): a person with whom one is friendly despite a fundamental dislike or rivalry.

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Thinking someone was a friend until…well, until they’ve shown their true colors. That’s what Darla Jade is singing about on her latest single, simply titled ‘Frenemy.’

‘Frenemy’ is an interesting departure from a previous track of Jade’s, ‘Overcrowded.’ Where ‘Overcrowded’ was slow and haunting, dealing with intrusive thoughts and constant overthinking while alone, ‘Frenemy,’ set to a fun and vibrant beat, tackles the issue of fake friends.

According to Jade, ‘This song is a symbol of what I have been through and where I want to go, so the process of writing and recording it has been really special to me.’

Jade, who is only 21, has been writing and performing for a few years now, and got to work with Karma Sound Studios in Thailand to produce ‘Frenemy,’ an opportunity that is helping her carve out her own musical path.

The music, with its Scandic-Pop influences, manages to be both upbeat and quite a rollercoaster, which is definitely fitting given the song’s subject matter and lyrics. The upbeat rhythm of ‘Frenemy’ combined with Jade’s witty lyrics and airy tones take us on a ride many of us know all too well. Most of us go through a time in our lives when we think we know someone, believe them to be our friend, only to abruptly find them being the complete opposite.

With such an upbeat sound, Jade turns the track on its head with its lyrics. Though it’s definitely a song to jam and dance to, ‘Frenemy’ is not so frivolous. The song was inspired by teenage friendships and the pain we feel when they come to end.


‘Stop pretending you like me,’ Jade sings to open the track, and it cuts deep. She continues her tale, complete with feelings of betrayal. ‘You make me think you care for me when honestly you don’t give a damn,’ she continues, putting the emotions of so many of us – from adolescence to now – into words that you’ll find yourself thinking about long after the song has ended.

After the chorus repeats, ‘Frenemy’ ends abruptly on the line, ‘You’ll be the death of me.’ This not only signals the end of the song, but it also puts the nail in the coffin of the ‘friendship’ Jade has been describing this whole time. It’s a perfect finale to an already distinctly catchy yet raw track.

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