Tyla Makes You Fall in Love with Her Sensational Debut Album (Review)

The self-titled album debut from Tyla has been anything but quiet. Since releasing her single ‘Water‘, the South African singer has caught the attention of the world. The album has a distinct style that captures her essence, combining influences from a variety of genres like R&B, amapiano, and pop. It all started with that playful and enticing single, which earned her the Grammy for Best African Music Performance. The track was an absolute sensation among TikTok users, while the video captured her fans with its hypnotizing beats and dances.

The release of the album confirmed that single wasn’t an outlier. Tyla’s repertoire of songs is as addictive and danceable as the single. ‘Truth or Dare‘ and ‘ART‘ capture the essence of the artist, showcasing a fearlessness in both songwriting and production. These songs move with the same quiet sensuality the rest of the project embodies. Meanwhile, the LP maintains the danceability of tracks likely being played by DJs around the world.

The collaborations on the record maintain her signature sound while incorporating the essence of the featured artists. ‘On My Body‘ alongside Becky G maintains the essence of pop, R&B, and amapiano. Here, there is the incorporation of Latin music, through G’s cadence and the combination of English and Spanish. Travis Scott’s remix of ‘Water‘ provides the playfulness of more commercial U.S. hip-hop. However, Travis adapts more to Tyla’s style rather than presenting one of his grittier verses. Whilst not as captivating as the original, it’s still a fun remix.

The songs focus on themes of attraction and sensuality, exploring the idea of being attracted to the wrong people and the enjoyment one can find in those situations. Tyla also works with interesting metaphors and imagery in other songs. In ‘ART‘, she refers to herself and her figure as worthy of being showcased in a gallery. Furthermore, on ‘Water‘, she sings of blending in with another and taking their form: “Make me lose my breath, make me water.”

Tyla possesses a playfulness in both her vocals and her performances. Her soft voice pierces through the beats, bringing a club sound that will have everybody dancing. The way she moves and sings exudes a sense of coolness and pop stardom that elevates her music even higher. The songstress brings confidence and style to her music videos that vary even from take to take.

The project works well as a whole, although I feel there are one or two songs that could have been omitted. However, at 38 minutes, it’s understandable that they didn’t want to make it any shorter. The album serves as a strong debut for Tyla, establishing her as pop stardom material right out of the gate. Enamoring all with her music, coolness, and dance moves, this album is only the beginning.

Rating: 8/10

Listen to ‘TYLA‘ below and follow her on Instagram, X, and TikTok. You can also find more album review pieces like this one here.

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