UK Festival Guide 2017

The semester is almost done, summer is almost here and that can only mean one thing – Festival season! Good Weather, great vibes and even better music.

Festivals are not only a place to see some of our favourite, more established artists, but also provide an opportunity to discover fresh talent.

With so much choice available, navigating your way through the fun-filled season can pose a challenge. For the latest on the best events and survival tips keep reading this guide.

Step 1: Pick a festival that’s right for you

There are a hundreds of events to choose from and no matter the genre you like, there will be something for you. Make sure you do your research! As a pop lover you don’t want to accidentally end up at a rock weekender. Even if the festival caters to your musical taste, it is imperative you check the line up to make the artists you actually want to see are performing.

If your stuck check out Festicket Magazines post on the Top 20 UK festivals to get you started.

Step 2: Purchase your tickets

As soon as you’ve identified the festival for you, the next step is to buy your tickets. A lot of events, particularly the most popular ones sell out quickly so it’s best to get your ticket well in advance.

That being said, everyone knows the experience feels that little bit better when its free, so be on the lookout for competitions and ticket giveaways. 

Here are some competitions running at the moment:


Whatever happens DO NOT buy from ticket touts at the festivals. That is recipe for disaster and a rip off, which in the end may not even get into the festival.

Step 3: Pick an outfit

Now we’ve gotten the serious stuff out of the way, time for the fun part! 

One thing you can always look forward to is festival fashion.

There are tonnes of lookbooks and outfit suggestions out there.

Some of our favourite ideas include:

(For more information on any of these outfits click on the images above)

Whatever style you choose to rock remember sensible shoes are a must. You are likely to be walking/standing/dancing for the entire went. Comfort should be priority numero uno!

Be sure to check the weather when planning your outfit. In typical British style there is always a chance of rain so be prepared.
For tonnes more tips on festival survival Click here!

If you found this useful let us know in the comment section in the meantime cheers to making  awesome summer memories.

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6 years ago

Can’t wait for festival season! You going to any this summer ? 🙂

6 years ago
Reply to  antonia

Hopefully a few, don’t know which ones yet though. What about you?

6 years ago
Reply to  IndustryMe

So far I have tickets for Lovebox but hopefully can catch a few more 🙂

6 years ago

I do not live in the UK, but this sounds like so much fun! They have these in NYC once in a while. A little wild for me, but love hearing about them xx

Kait //

6 years ago
Reply to  Kait

I’d love to go to a festival in a New York that sounds like it would be so much fun!

Life with Larissa
6 years ago

Yes, I love how you included picking the outfit as a step. It’s really important to check the weather. I went to a festival once, and it was pouring!! My shoes were completely messed up!

6 years ago

Thanks, being prepared for the weather is super important especially in the UK, where it can be so unpredictable

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