[Video Release] Mimoza – Love for days

Enticing visuals to accompany the rich vocal tones from the pop songstress.

I’ll be the first to point out that Mimoza looked stunning in the video, but before I get distracted by the looks she was serving let’s get into the music.

The song was what I like to call Pop with personality – Now there’s a combination you don’t hear everyday.

Lyrically the song toes the line between playful and cheeky, which is something that I personally enjoyed

The song showcases all the best elements of mimoza’s voice including her wide range and technical vocal ability.

This is a song that I feel would really get a crowd going during festival season

I am sure I can hear elements of a country influence creeping in every now and again. Let me know if you hear it too in the comments below.

In any case this melodic pop number is one that I anticipate will incredible well streaming wise and I am really excited to see that happen.

The singer has hinted that new music is on its way very soon and that you’ll likely find her somewhere in LA working on her highly anticipated debut EP.


More about the artist:

Mimoza’s fluency in four languages speaks to her diverse background. She was born in Kosovo, and fled at a young age with her family to Sweden, where she spent the greater part of her childhood. She later moved to Germany, where she lived for 11 years. She writes and sings in all of these languages and is focused on continuing her story of success in the US but this time, for her own artist project.

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