#IMDiscovers – 10 Artists That Should Be On Your Radar This November

Van Bobbi – Vicious Appetite 

The Electro pop number that has all the fall feels.

US singer van Bobbi new single vicious appetite cover art

Van Bobbi opens up about the anxieties accompanying creatives living in a large city. Can anyone else relate? Conceptually this song only gently scratched the surface and I am intrigued to see what else the pop singer has to offer.

Vocally, I was captivated from the offset. There is something very entrancing about Van Bobbi’s falsetto.

It is refreshing to see an artist that is unafraid to delve into multifaceted complex subject mattter within of genre of pop. Palatable complexity, who knew it was possible?

Fonzie – Still Sippin

Scenes from upcoming London rapper Fonzie new video Still Sippin From living life in a large city to simply wanting to escape, UK Hip-Hop lyrist Fonzie returns with the visuals for his new song Still Sippin.

The reflective and honest track addresses common feelings of wanting to leave the stresses behind and, even if only for a moment, escaping the things that burden you.

Fonzie’s storytelling ability really shines through with the vivid imagery created by his lyricsm, packaged in his top class delivery.

The video which was shot in Hemel Hampstead, depicts the rapper travelling along a pathway perhaps representing the journey he was taking through his thoughts.

Teasing the idea of more music to come Fonzie has said

To close 2018, I’ve got another two more videos for this year and to be honest with you I’m blowing up by this time next year

You heard it hear first, stay tuned!

Find Fonzie on the following platforms:

Twitter:|Instagram| Soundcloud| Spotify| Apple Music

Mothica – Burnout

Mothica new single burnout

Now in the midst of the release of a brand new EP titled ‘Ashes, Mothica is giving us a teaser on what’s to come with a brand new single entitled “Burnout.”

The dark electro pop number takes a step back from her production heavy style, instead offering a sound that really hones in on the atmospheric details. As such the song has a natural emotional intensity that is inadvertently addictive giving it great replay value.

Picking up the story where water me down left off, Mothica dives deep into her own mind to forge the song’s poignant message:

“Burnout is reaching for the drink before the hangover sets in, and pinching yourself to make sure you can still feel something. It’s the last song I wrote for the EP, when it felt like my creativity was sapped. That feeling that you won’t have anything else to write about ever again so you play with fire before the spark goes out.”


D’vyne Comfort – Emotions Rollin’

Upcoming singer D’vyne in a bathtub with flowers and curly Afro hair

If you’re a fan of artists like Jemio you’ll love D’vyne.

I’m unsure about where to place her genre wise but I kind of like that she is in a lane of her own.

To me, her sound is a culmination of Jazz, Neo-Soul and pop.

This track is the epitome of mesmerising simplicity showcasing Truly authentic talent.

No gimmicks, not overproduced, just great music.

D’yvne is very much a diamond in the rough and I cannot wait to see how the rest of her musical journey unfolds.

Katie Kittermaster – T shirt

Budding singer Katie Kittermaster performing live for jools Holland bbcI couldn’t talk about musical potential without mentioning, 18 year old star on the rise Kattie Kittermaster.

I was impressed by the lyrical depth of the song by the budding singer-songwriter.

T-shirt is centred around Post break up reflections, using the imagery of, yes you’ve guessed it, an ex’s old t-shirt to convey feelings of loss following the end of relationship.

Nothing seems get you in your feelings like a song about a young heartbreak.

This acoustic pop number will no doubt be one that captures your heart.

Jean Mikhael – Deal

Will the real R&B fans please stand up. This one goes out to all of you.

Complete with a flawless vocal delivery, bumping basslines and an infectious energy this song really encompasses everything I feel UK R&B should be about.

The song has everything I love about old school R&B with amazing harmonies and intricate riffs, with the added bonus of the urban edge that has become synonymous with the UK sound.


This is the first track taken from his debut EP ‘The Deal’, which is out now and is all about boundless expression.

Rel – Surgery

Now you know I am massive fan of a song with a powerful message, but can we take a step back to really appreciate the artistry of this song.

So lyrically pure, the beautiful interweaving of simple melody lines and of course the gorgeous vocal performance from Rel.

“Surgery” the stunning single focuses on overcoming anorexia, body dysmorphia and eating disorders and most of all it’s an anthem for self love and acceptance.
R E L reveals,

“Music can heal. I’ve chosen to make a 3-side album to address each phase of healing as its own story & as part of a bigger story. I developed anorexia at a very young age (7) & struggled with it for many years. Side A tells the story of a first stage of healing – facing the problem, realizing you’ve been hurting yourself. Self compassion is the first step towards peace.”

Hy Direct – My Team

Hy Direct returns with the video for his new single My Team . Showcasing his creativity with an intriguing visuals, the rapper explores themes of loyalty and respect over the trap-hop track.

Complete with witty lyrics and great lyrical delivery, the song definitely makes the rapper one to watch for 2019.

Chelsea Blues – textures

This is an artist that stands out for their unique blend of sounds.

A culmination of Jazz and Neo-soul, this album from Chelsea Blue is rich melodic and mellow.

Close your eyes and allow your thoughts to travel of the smooth melodies of her distinct vocals.

What was perhaps most enjoyable about this album was how naturally each track fed into the next. The conceptual coherency really tied this project together well.

Morgan Swann – Demons

The final track in this round up comes to you, courtesy of an upcoming rapper from Ipswich.

It is great to see how this budding talent continues to grow as an artist. Everything from the quality and artistic concept of his video to his very delivery on track highlights consistent levels of growth.

As the title would suggest the track is all about the struggle of facing ones demons.

I appreciated the openness and honesty of the track and am begin to see a real development of artistic flare from this new artist.

We look forward to seeing what he does next!

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