[Video Release] TJ Mizell & A$AP Ferg’s “Seasons”

The son of the late Jam Master Jay of Run DMC and star of WeTV’s Growing Up HipHop, “Seasons” marks Mizell’s debut self-produced music venture. Featuring A$AP Ferg, JNTHN Stein, and Sebastian Mikael, “Seasons” represents a new chapter in the long time DJ’s career.

That early 2000s R&B vibe drew me in from the outset . What can I say I’m a sucker for some nostalgia.

The song details the story of someone who only intends to be a temporary fixture in their love interests life, warning them that just like the seasons they will change.

As for how “SEASONS” came together, Mizell describes the organic nature in which his collaborative effort began with JNTHN STEIN, and later evolved to include not only vocalist Sebastian Mikael, but also A$AP FERG:

“This track came together in such an organic way. My team member Camille is always on top of the new sound and suggested a few artists that I should look into collabing with so without hesitation, I jumped in the studio with JNTHN STEIN. My brother, Jesse Mizell, had been listening to a bit of Sebastain Mikael’s music and figured his voice would fit perfectly for this song. We reached out to him and the vocals he sent back honestly couldn’t have been a better match for the record. Excited about the outcome, I sent the completed version of the song to Ferg for his feedback. Ferg ended up really loving the song and added some fire verses to it as well. 

-TJ Mizell

With vocals noticeably reminiscent of Pleasure P and a classic fusion of R&B and electronic styles, Mizell has set the bar high for his next release, with a mellow number that is perfect for the summer!

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