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WOLVES highly anticipated single ‘Freaky’ is an anthem to inspire others to be brave and embrace who you are, to share your inner-most desires with the world and to live life to the fullest. Featuring slick indie pop grooves, 90’s reminiscent hip hop and hard-hitting rhythms, ‘Freaky’ is a song that you can’t help but dance to.

“We love listening to music from back in the day and try to re-imagine what it would sound like today.”


This song is bound to have you howling with joy (see what I did there). Cheese fest out of the way, this was a song I knew I was going to love within the first 10 seconds.

I was hooked from the synth filled intro and completely sold by the end of the first hook.

This sound has just the right amount of edge with a dash of sexy.

The breakdown at the bridge was the perfect touch to the sensual pop infused number. (There’s a sentence I’d never thought I’d say).

Another thing I really appreciated was the songs lyrical content which was very well written from my point of view; a quality often missing from mainstream pop music.

With that being said it was the rap that really took me by surprise. Both his flow and diction were flawless from start to finish and accentuated the song beautifully.

Fusion is definitely the trios strong suit, marrying pop with urban beats and perhaps a little R&B.

When asked about their inspiration the band said:

“We wondered what it would be like if we took all these different influences we loved—artists like Michael Jackson, the Eagles, Coldplay—and rolled them all into one band today,” Sands muses. Their eclectic influences proved to be inspirational, with their debut single ‘Animal’ giving the trio their signature explosive sound.

More about the Band

Consisting of Marc Avery, Sean Carney, and Rockwell Sands, the Los Angeles based trio have created their own unique sound, marrying pop sensibilities with bold rock’n’roll and gritty urban beats. With each member hailing from various cultural backgrounds, WOLVES have crafted their own distinct style, shaping the sound of pop culture as we know it.

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