Shame On The Devil Vince Staples

Vince Staples Brings ‘Shame On The Devil’ in New Single

The unmistakable Vince Staples has returned. Providing some much-needed respite to rap fans everywhere, he cuts through industry clutter with his trademark honesty, wit, and humility. The new album ‘Dark Times‘ dropped last week, leading with a reflective single ‘Shame On The Devil‘.

The LA native is the first to say he isn’t perfect. Staples is complex and contradictory and is just doing his best with what life throws his way. This humanity is truly why he is one of my favourite artists.

Shame On The Devil‘ is a slow-paced and soul-bearing single, perfect for laid-back listening. Furthermore, many fans are pointing out the Mac Miller vibe of this record, with the effortless rap style we’ve become so accompanied to hearing from Vince. The head-knocking beat is accompanied by a hopeful hook, as he seems to find enlightenment in his darkest hours.

This song plays like a prayer to God. The rapper details all the sinful, egotistic activity he sees in himself and his environment. “Voices still in my head, voices still in my head / Beef with my closest of friends and made no amends.”

However, you do get a prevailing sense that he has come out the other side. This single is him noticing the beauty and brilliance of God’s work in special places. This is in his mother’s love and living out this rap dream. Like much of his previous work, we follow a tug-of-war between him chasing thrills and knowing what’s best for him. Staples has found the light in his dark place and is as open about it as ever.

This single sits neatly in a 13-track album that is teeming with fresh hits. A powerful follow-up to the widely respected ‘RAMONA PARK BROKE MY HEART‘, he delivers yet again. Whether you give it a listen for the beats and the bars or tap in to get some life gems, ‘Shame On The Devil‘ is a poetic reminder that Vince Staples deserves more love.

Vince Staples is on Instagram, X, and TikTok. Read more news pieces here and stream the single below.

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