Let’s Talk About Women Connect

Having invested what is soon to be 6 years in the events industry, Alexandra Ampofo and the team at Acoustic Live UK have built a reputation for being able gather diverse groups of people together.

Establishing an influential network over the years, it came as no surprise that the team were able to bring together some of best and brightest women in the industry.

Women Connect was a collaboration with Sony Music, Ticketmaster and Acoustic Live UK for International Women’s Day.

As we gathered in the basement of Ticketmaster HQ, it became immediately evident that the bonds shared by the speakers and the events team had been cultivated from genuine friendships, perhaps making it just that bit easier to be open and honest.

The speakers on the night included:

Parris OH (RCA)

Parris OH (RCA)

Natty Kasambala (Columbia)

Natty Kasambala (Columbia)

Sabrina Kristiansen (RCA)

Sabrina Kristiansen (RCA)

San Phillips (Head of Promoter Operations at Killimanjaro)

San Phillips (Head of Promoter Operations at Killimanjaro)Claire Horseman (Former Managing Director at Coda Agency)

Claire Horseman (Former Managing Director at Coda Agency)

In an industry where it can sometimes appear that everuone is attempting to veil their flaws behind a Valencia filter, it was refreshing to encounter so many individuals who were prepared to disclose their raw unedited truths.

While it was abundantly clear that every speaker was exceptional at what they did, there was an air of grace and approachability they all shared, a quality which I found be quite admirable.

The common thread connecting these women was high value expertise without the ego.

Bold, brave people who each confidently represented a different facet of the business, all with their their unique perspectives to share on very real issues.

Make no mistake, the ladies were dropping gems.

Whilst the were a plethora of caption worthy quotables and memeable moments, there was also the optimum balance of industry insight woven into the candid conversations.

The event covered wide selection of topics, discussing everything from navigating motherhood and intersectionality to creating your own lane.

It was primary example of the beauty in exchanging stories.

There’s something subtly liberating about being surrounded by strong women who are unafraid of being unapologetically themselves.

It’s an infectious energy that makes being in room with complete strangers just a little less frightening .

While getting bodies in the venue was no small feat, the true measure of the events success was the ambience that encapsulated the room. Now that was something special.

Creating an environment in which someone can feel completely at ease in a see of unknown faces, is a testament to the incredible network of women in the building; a direct reflection of everything that Acoustic live stands for as a brand no doubt.

Women Connect was a cultural hub that radiated knowledge inspiration and empowerment.

As cringeworthy as it may be of me as a writer to insert a cliché as a closing line, I couldn’t help but smile at the acknowledgment that maybe the best things are the free ones after all.

It certainly holds true for Women Connect.

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