Want To Have Your ‘Cake’ And Eat It? Not On IYAMAH’s Watch!

Get ready to satisfy your sonic sweet tooth with IYAMAH’s latest single ‘Cake’.

The song follows the release of several popular tracks by the Brighton born soul singer including ‘Seasons’, from her debut EP ‘Truth EP.1’.

Raised by an artistic mother who made a point of encouraging the soul singer’s creativity, IYAMAH began singing at a young age, drawing inspiration from the likes of Adele and Alicia Keys.

Using music as a means of therapy IYAMAH has turned to her craft as form of self-expression throughout her career.

British Neo soul R&B singer IYAMAH on her new single cake

The singer, who’s name is inspired by her Nigerian heritage now embarks on new journey with the release of her latest track ‘Cake’.

‘Cake’ showcases urban rhythmic pairings and jazz infused melodies tied together by the alluring rasp to IYAMAH’s voice.

Driven by the a combination of steady snares and a mellow bass ‘Cake’ tells the all too familiar tale of someone who wants to have their cake and eat it too.

IYAMAH has no intention of allowing that, in fact the lyrics indicate that the neo soul singer would rather give her love interest an ultimatum.

She is unmovable in her stance, with a sexy confidence IYAMAH tells her love that if he’s not ready to put her first, there will be no later.

The real icing on ‘Cake’, had to be the spoken word section.

This unexpected, likely Lauryn Hill inspired, variation in sonics added a whole new layer to the song.

IYAMAH in blonde braids, releasing new neo soul single cake

The constant change in melody style, in addition to making the song engaging, reflected the indecisiveness of her lover explored in the song’s lyrics perfectly.

Not only was the change in tempo flawless, but it was also a great way to highlight the neo soul singer’s versatility.

Listen to the song here and let us know what you think @industrymee

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