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In Conversation With Barret Turner

Meet Barret Turner, a talented producer and singer-songwriter from Dallas, Texas. His love for music may have been sparked as a child but he quite had the courage to let anything go beyond his bedroom walls – well until now. After 5 years of working to find his sound, Barret is ready to share his 10 song album with the world.

Here’s what happened when Barret Turner sat down with IndustryMe to discuss his musical journey, his latest single, and that highly anticipated debut album.

As someone who has been writing for so long without releasing music, I suppose the most obvious question is why now?

I’ve been trying to release for years, I put myself in situations at a younger age where other people controlled my music and controlled when I could put things out. I think I’ve grown and known now not to just sign a piece of paper without reading it and letting a professional look at it. Also a lot probably insecurity never thinking the music was good enough or ready. I’m releasing now because I’ve been building a catalogue of music so I have enough content to always have something new to share. I have enough now to give people something every month.

What was so special about this song that it finally made you push past the fear and share your music?

This song is very special to me. It wasn’t fear with this one, it was just planning… I want to take it slow and try to build a fan base… This song has been ready for a year now but I wanted at least 10 songs finished before I started putting anything out. On my Calendar, this one was second on the list so that’s what made me put it out (laughs). I have dates set so it was its time I guess. Also, this is not my vocals on this song. The vocalist is Will Jay a very very talented singer with who I am so happy to work with and that he wanted to sing on my song.

Coming out as a new artist in the middle of a pandemic, has been quite the experience I’m sure?

Yes, it;s different, but its honestly given me time. It’s let me focus strictly on this and not have to be doing other day to day things like video production for work. I’m not ready to play shows or anything yet this period is just me releasing music and its also given me time to make the music videos for these songs. Everyone needs music right now.

Okay so tell me more about how this collaboration between you and Will Jay came about?

I had been listening to Will Jay for about 2 years now and just love his voice. His tone is awesome. I honestly thought he wasn’t going to be reachable because his following was so big and I was still a nobody without a song out on any music platform to show him. I saw that he had an email on his Instagram and I just shot my shot and sent him a few songs.

He was so nice, He got back to me and really liked the production on the song “Always You” So we went for it from there. Our entire relationship is off emails (laughs). He lives in California and I live in Texas and there is a pandemic so it was a little hard to meet up. But he was so easy going we made it work and it might be my best song so far.

The lyrics of always you read very well as an introspective love song, but to me, it sounds like you’re talking about something else, maybe you’re love of music?

You’re right. I’ve been getting a lot of texts thinking it is about a few past relationships I’ve had. Nope (laughs). This song is a deep story to me about one of my best friends. I had made a song called encore when I was probably 18 and it just kinda got washed away and I still really wanted to use it but my music was so different now. The story was about my friend’s mother struggling with cancer and her losing her life. The main line was “ I need an Encore” to me it was we just need one more shot come on you got this.

Well then I made an entirely new song and then Will Jay got involved and it became more of a song about finding yourself and you’ve had it inside yourself the entire time. Everyone thinks it’s someone talking about someone else they left behind but no that’s not the case.

Barret Turner

It’s about yourself “it was always you” meaning yourself. You have it inside yourself.. So maybe it’s not about my friend’s mom anymore but more about my friend when he lost her he lost himself and went through some hard years as you could imagine. His entire family did. She was so special I miss her. Seeing my friend find himself just brings the biggest joy he deserves so much. He always had it inside him, he just had to get it back.

From my understanding always you is the second single from you’re upcoming album, what can listeners expect from that?

Yes, it’s the second. The first is “On Purpose”, which I love, but it seems like more people are enjoying always you which makes me just as happy (laughs). The third will be “Never Stood” out on October 30th. They can expect something different. I’m a bit nervous because it is different but I think it is such a great song and I hope people enjoy it.

I know you’re planning to release each song on the upcoming album as a single. Are the songs being released in chronological order?

Kinda but not really, there definitely is a plan but each month I start asking close friends ok which song should be next. This one? No this one? I already have them lined up but then I second guess and start changing the order up (laughs).

As we listen to the story unfold what do you hope the key takeaway will be from this album?

I don’t know yet. I’m on a journey with this “Album” It’s funny I don’t even really look at it as an album because I’m putting them all out as singles but someone asked me the other day is this an album [and] I guess it is.

I’ve really put a lot of work into this, sometimes I worry if I’m making the right decision. All these thoughts… What if I fail? What if people don’t like it? Am I wasting my time? Should I be doing something else? and then I think dude you’ve come so far. I remember being in a rut and just getting out of a really bad situation with a small label and realizing wow your alone now what are you going to do?

I felt scared and like wow I wasted all this time is the music venture done for me. That next week I was living in an apartment in downtown Dallas and I just started writing a song I gave it my all. That song ended up being “ On Purpose”.

I get emotional thinking about it. Where will I be after 10 songs and 10 music videos? I don’t know where. But I know I will look back on my next birthday and think you’re doing your best dude and look at the hard work you have put in.

Finally, if you had a piece of advice for anyone struggling to push themselves outside of their comfort zone what would it be?

I still struggle with that (laughs). Its hard putting yourself out there. You just gotta do it. Its the only way. You don’t want to live with regret. You only have now and when its to late there is no going back. Don’t be scared you can do this. You just have to keep telling yourself you can do this.

Listen to Barret Turner x Will Jay “Always You”:

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