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#IMMusicMonday: JeRonelle – “Beloved” [EP Review]

Omaha’s golden boy JeRonelle returns with a new 6-track EP entitled “Beloved”. The project walks listeners through the ups and downs of the R&B/Soul artist’s dating life, addressing themes such as long-distance relationships and bad dating habits.  Featuring production by Dre Pinckney (Triangle ParkMusic), Mike Morgan (Trinidad James/MAJOR), and K-Notes (Justine Skye), as well as vocal features by Durand Bernarr & Re Lxuise “Beloved” is the rich dose of R&B fans have been longing for.

Jeronelle beloved

The Standout Tracks 

“Think of You” 

With a second lockdown now in full swing for us in the UK, the sentiments of “Think of you” resonate far more than many are comfortable enough to admit. In this soulful serenade, JeRonelle shares his experience of being on the road and missing his woman. The gospel influences can be felt throughout the percussion with the funk inspirations shining through on the track’s thumping bass line and masterful electric guitar work. The synths were an ethereal touch that really elevated the song driving home the singer’s feelings of elation around being able to return home. The real standout on the track however was the iconic 70s inspired falsetto, which instantly took me back to Earth Wind and Fire’s “Let’s grove tonight”. “Think of You” sashes into the modern soundscape with an array of well-placed electronic sounds and was a brilliant song choice for the project’s lead single. 


 “Falling” really captured the essence of the sound we fell in love with on JeRonelle’s previous projects. The singer was clearly in his element in this subtly pop-influenced pocket of contemporary R&B where he flexes most comfortably. `The track served as a great project opener, easing listers into more experimental sounds the singer would explore later in the tracklist. 

“Pulling Away” 

Peeling back the layers “Pulling Away” is arguably the most vulnerable song on the EP both conceptually and musically. On a simple melody line consisting of just 4 chords played on a piano, the singer pours out his heart as he grapples with feelings of loss and longing. Coloured in by the diaphanous layering of JeRonelle’s vocals the track created the space for listeners to appreciate his technical ability – one of his major strengths as an artist in the R&B space. 

Overall, JeRonelle has returned with a solid project offering which showcases his willingness to branch out beyond his typical sound all while maintaining a sense of fluidity. 

Listen to “Beloved” by JeRonelle here: 

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