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Cali Rodi Brings Back The Nostalgia With Blink-182 + U

Los-Angeles-based artist Cali Rodi takes on heartbreak in her new single ‘Blink-182 +2’. She comes with wistful energy that can be heard throughout the track and doesn’t hold back to show fans her more vulnerable side.

This newcomer takes the iconic sounds of the early 2000’s and dance-ready 808 beats to create music that is just as colourful and expressive as Cali Rodi. Her latest offering is nothing short of what fans can expect from her, but still surpassing the bar with every new release. 

The song starts off with a soft opening as she opens up about still having items that belonged to an ex-partner after a breakup that she later goes on to describe as an “apocalyptic ending”. As we reach the chorus, she sings “I miss the old Blink-182 and you”, which refers to the departure of the lead singer of Blink-182 Tom DeLonge from the band at the time of writing this song. This clever reference combines heartbreak and the end of an era in just a few lines but makes sure its meaning is loud and clear. The incorporation of the bass guitar gives the song a rock feel, which ties in Cali Rodi’s memories of Blink-182 as she also alludes to the band’s 2004 hit ‘I Miss You’.

Cali Rodi’s latest track will surely be met with the same level of enthusiasm as her previous singles and she continues to work effortlessly on her craft. She has taken heartbreak and sung so beautifully about it, that it almost makes the listener forget that the song is supposed to be sad. Her vocals shine through forlorn lyrics whilst still maintaining a bright and upbeat energy. This is definitely a new song for your playlist and demonstrates Cali Rodi’s multifaceted ability that makes her stand out against the current music landscape.

Watch the video for Blink-182 + U by Cali Rodi here:

Words by: Nat Siaw-Agyeman

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