R&B singer JeRonelle debuts new single feelings for you

JeRonelle – “Feelings For You (Interlude)”

Fresh off his memorable stint on Season 2 of FOX’s “The Four”, up and coming R&B artist, JeRonelle surprises listeners with a brand new track, “Feelings For You (Interlude)”.

This powerful heartfelt vocal performance is bound to have you missing Ex’s you never even had. All jokes aside the emotional depth of this song is what really drives it home for me. I already knew JeRonelle to be a great vocalist as showcased on “More” and his previous material. This song highlighted his ability to convey his feelings in an authentic manner.

With a falsetto remenicent of Luke James, JeRonelle confesses his residual feelings for an Ex lover on this poignant R&B track.

There was no room for uncertainty as the singer poured out his heart. Lyrically this song resembled a letter (or text for you millennials) in the sense that it was almost therapeutic. It’s hard to tell whether this more for the benefit of the singer or whether he’s actually waiting for a text back.

It will be interesting to hear where this interlude fits within the wider context of an EP or album and how it fits into the bigger picture.

With that being said the song excites me for the singers future releases as this is likely only a taster of what he has to offer.

While we wait for what I presumed will be a classic R&B album complete with rich soulful harmonies, an incredibley sexy falsetto and emotionally intensitiy – I will have this song on repeat.

Here’s hoping to hoping he gets that text back.

More about the artist:
Hailing all the way from Omaha, Nebraska, up and coming R&B/Soul artist, JeRonelle, is a true star in the making. Having previously shared stages with notable names including Tisha Campbell, Kevin Ross, LaPorsha Renae and Common, JeRonelle recently took his talents to the TV screen during Season 2 of FOX’s hit series “The Four” where he wowed the judges and audience alike with his personality, vocal ability, and stage presence. Now currently residing in Los Angeles, JeRonelle continues build the foundation towards a successful lifelong career in the music industry, and is poised to make his mark very soon.
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