#IMMusicMonday: Yass BINA. Set Those Boundaries!

Hot on the heels of the alternative R&B project, Humble Abode, south-east London native, singer/songwriter and producer, BINA. is back with a magical little number called ‘Boundaries, which speaks on being attentive to one’s own needs while figuring out which personal boundaries are in place.

The word ‘Bina’ means “sing” in my native tongue (which is Southern SeSotho) and this young woman should never stop! Influenced by the likes of Hiatus Kaiyote, IAMDDB, Rico Nasty and Erykah Badu, her dreamy, mellow and soulful sound is evidence of her alternative, therapeutic outlook on making music.

Boundariesis a soulfully savage track with a jazzy vibe – the perfect soundtrack for indoor living. Take a moment to be transported to an intimate setting of your choice, and at this moment, you’re met with a conundrum; balancing personal responsibility with innate carnal desires. What to choose?

Creating music from an honest place, based on experiences and conversations with herself, BINA.’s intention with her music is to make people feel. Goal: Achieved. Her music has genre-bending elements, combining classic basslines and harps with experimental digital-future sounds. She is living proof that life after foster care is not hopeless, and that expressing oneself with their chosen medium is liberating.

In an interview with NUPRINT Magazine, BINA. has said that “… in society, you might not necessarily have the space that you have in music to express what you want to express, but I don’t feel directly restrained if that makes sense. Not anymore anyway.”


Her lead single from Humble Abode is called Caged Bird” featuring Kish! It has a music video that has hit over 1500 views on YouTube. If you haven’t seen it, we got you. And if you have listened to Humble Abode, you’ll quickly learn that that BINA. is not only a product of her influences but a master of her craft.

We can’t wait to see what she has to offer over the course of the year. Keep up with the natural beauty and soul sensation on Instagram! Let us know what you think of BINA. by commenting down below. We think she’s a vibe.

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