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Blu Ernest releases new single, Disarm Me

Brighton’s very own smooth criminal, Blu Ernest brings us gentle laid-back rhythms that are from the heart to his latest single ‘Disarm Me.’ Blu has already had success with the previous single ‘The Chill.’ Blu is currently working on his forthcoming project On My Mind which will feature both tracks. Blu self produces his own music to perfect and develop his sound which gives him the opportunity to be independent and to continue to grow and establish himself as an artist. Appearing on BBC Radio 1 and featuring in the Clash Magazine can get people more familiar with this brilliant singer.

‘Disarm Me’ is full of chilled soft melodies that will get people swaying along to this mellow tune that is full of passion, honesty, and emotion. The song brings relaxing vibes that fans will enjoy as the beats are cool, fresh and light which will help keep you calm and refreshed whilst laying the sun. I do sense a hint of sass and funk in this track as although it is more stripped back and intimate it still has that element of joy and positivity.

Blu contacts his emotions on this track as he creates meaningful words that are catchy and relatable, allowing himself to be vulnerable in his music is what makes it so amazing as this helps us connect with him on a closer level and by letting his feelings out with listeners is all part of the healing process.

Blu’s vocals give off silky deep tones that sound remarkable on this track, this single is soulful, pure, and jazzy as he pours his heart into this song using first-hand experiences as inspiration for it. The velvety indulging tones of his voice alongside melancholic yet sensual sounds that emphasise the story of a lover’s tiff and how he cannot cope with the conflict and he wants to restore the peace with his partner and hope that she will return and all will be forgiven. I feel that people can relate to this song because not everyone’s relationship is perfect, we all disagree on things from time to time and even I have experienced the feeling of sadness towards us fighting but in the end, there is always a way forward.

Blu thrives to inspire others into believing in themselves and to push on through the low points in life and this shows true admiration from this young musician and if he continues to keep writing songs that share important messages then he will have girls falling at his feet as well as helping others with issues regarding themselves.

Here IndustryMe we look forward to hearing more incredible music from Blu Ernest in the near future as he has a great career ahead of him and his music instantly makes you feel at ease.

‘Disarm Me’ is available to stream now via DMY Artists.

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