Christina Cooper To Direct “South Central Love” Feature Film With Duane Finley From “The Wood” Added To Main Cast

Christina Cooper’s directorial debut is around the corner and we’ve recently got the inside scoop that actor Duane Finley has joined the cast alongside Jamal Henderson, Chris Massey, and so many more names we’ve heard are on board, but we have yet to confirm.

The Model, CEO and Actress has proved time and time again that she excels in-front of the camera with appearances in some of your favourites including “Dear White People” and “unintended“. It will be interesting to see how she showcases her off screen talents as a director.

Plot summary :

The meeting of a young man and woman from two different worlds, begins a relationship filled with trials and tribulations that block them from the love they deserve. As their love for each other grows they begin to realize the streets will never love them as much as they love each other. Hand in Hand, they must discover their own way of surviving within the unforgiving streets of Los Angeles. The female protagonist learns how to turn her weaknesses into strengths and the male protagonist learns the importance of love within his personal life and within his community.Christina Cooper director debut Los Angeles film south central love out summer 2019

Filming is set to begin in the heart of Los Angeles this December. Christina will be using a majority of her Loyalty cast and adding on talented actors that attended the most recent casting calls in Los Angeles.

The movie is set to release Summer 2019. We can’t wait to see who she adds to this amazing cast!

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