Spotlight: Christina Cooper

Actress, Model and now business woman Christina Cooper is no stranger to IndustryMe. In addition to her successful collaboration with makeup brand Miss Mascara, Christina also has her own brand, “The Christina Cooper Collection”.

With the recent announcement of her new film ‘Loyalty’ it appears that Christina has really hit the ground running this year.

Here’s what happened when we caught up for her moment in the spotlight

Hey Christina, first things first congratulations on your new film, I am really excited to see it, what was the inspiration behind it?

I want to showcase the trials & tribulations young men and women go through growing up in South Los Angeles and not being able to trust everyone that surrounds you.



  • Christina Cooper
  • Steven Alan Davis

Producer/Writer: Christina Cooper

Main cast:

  • Jamal R. Henderson plays DAVONTE
  • Chris Massey plays REX
  • Christina Cooper plays BRIA
  • Patrick Cloud plays WILL
  • Viandra Dunn plays SIERRA
  • Dawn Raven plays ALLISON
  • Byron Haskins plays KESEAN
  • Carlene Corsey plays MAMA DEE
  • Tamera Kissen plays JESSICA
  • Kyle Lewis plays EJ

Cinematographer: Stevie Murrell

Script Advisor: Jennifer Cooper

1st AD: Kimisha Gill

Bts photographer: Patrick Hamilton

Bts videographer: Joshua Rieger

Production assistant: Kimisha Gill

Set production: Ray Choi

Boom OP: Alex Goens

Key make up: Julie Jules

Wardrobe: Shatora Irby

Hairstylist: Anne Guerrier

How did you go about casting the actors?

I had a few audition and a majority of the actors are friends or fellow actors I’ve worked with previously.

You are also an actress yourself right? Tell me more about your recent roles and how they came about?

I actually recently just booked a lead role on a new tv series called “The Lovers Lyfe” written by Cambreisha Montgomery and the story is by Nina Brooks. I was actually referred to casting by my very good friend Tiffany Gilbert! So thank you Tiff!

And thank you Cambreisha and Nina for casting me!

It appears you have a number of business ventures in the both the beauty and fashion industries?

Yes! I have a t-shirt line, my collab with Miss Mascara makeup and now my own lingerie line!

What has it been like to be the CEO of your own company?

Crazy! It’s definitely been really stressful but worth it. It’s fun to create your own ideas and be your own boss.

Actress, CEO and model how do you balance it all?

It is super difficult to do so. I like to write down my schedule day by day to stay on track.

Which of the three do you love the most?

I love acting the most surprisingly!

You’ve been seen on Vogue Italia, modelled for Hair Are Us and Black Pyramid what is next for Christina Cooper?

So much! I’m excited to premiere my first film here in Los Angeles and you’ll be seeing a lot more of me on the big screen this year!

Speaking of Black Pyramid, you know I have to ask this, the rumours have been circulating about you and Chris Brown following his comment under one of your Instagram pictures, Is there something blossoming there?

Actually no Haha…A lot of radio personalities have been asking me the same thing. But no we’re not…Just modelled for him, that’s all (:

Glad that we have cleared that up, what is the biggest lesson you learned in 2017 that you will be taking forward this year?

To stay humble and to stand up for myself and what I believe in.

Finally, if there was one piece of advice you could give to all the budding actors and models out there what would it be?

Never give up. Keep pushing. It sounds generic, but it’s so true. You want it? Go after it. Eventually the universe or God will just give you what you’ve been working for. Use the obstacles as stepping stones!

Keep up with the latest from Christina on her Instagram

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Dheandra Nicolette
6 years ago

I love interview style posts and this is an awesome one! Was great getting to now Christina!

5 years ago

Cool interview! I love that she’s a triple threat, especially because she’s a CEO. I aspire to be a CEO one day.

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