corner club Release Fresh EP ‘in the rearview mirror’ (Review)

After much anticipation, San Francisco-based duo, corner club has released their second EP, ‘in the rearview mirror’. Made up of lifelong best friends, Savannah Du and Michael Zhang. The pair teased their latest project earlier this year with the playful ‘whenever you’re ready.

Likewise, to their previous projects, the duo has proved they have mastered the art of capturing the melancholic whirring that comes with growing up. Illustrated perfectly in the opening track ‘funny colors’, it holds up as the rawest track on the EP. The theme here is a dream of a childhood home and the memories within. They even go so far as to describe this nostalgic tune as one that “conjures really specific imagery for us.”.

Above all, corner club has the ability to create warmth and comfort that keeps listeners wrapped up. The vocalist Du’s soft and welcoming voice, acts like an open conversation with your greatest friend. This is accompanied by Zhang’s musical artistry that creates a world of sonic and visual wonders. The friendship they share is one that is recognised throughout each project they self-produced. As a result of this close bond, we as listeners flow through the harmonious and complementary way the two work together. In addition to this, many friends of the artists worked closely on this project. This includes working closely to master their tracks with remote collaborator Kevin Tuffy. ‘i’ll never say i love you first again’ and ‘the ezra song’ were both live takes, creating that sense of homeliness once again.

Another highlight of this open-hearted project is the plucky and painfully sincere ‘when i die’. Ultimately inspired by a conversation between Savannah and her mom after her grandmother had passed, it serves as a love letter to all the things important in their lives. It signifies that the smaller things in life can be missed. However, they are all important and are held together by Michael’s memorable guitar sounds.

As a result of this sentimental song, the pair created the perfect music video to honour these feelings. Subsequently, it serves as a visual memoir and captures the moments shared with friends during a move across the country. Having their closest companions singing along to the lyrics that honour them, whilst filmed in such a pure and simple way is one that is immediately tear-jerking.

In order to create the unique presence of true friendship that carries over to the listeners, corner club has once again proved this to be true in every musical decision they make. Without a doubt, this project showcases their ability to move forward sonically whilst keeping true to who they are.

Rating: 8/10

You can find corner club on Instagram and TikTok. Read more reviews like this here and stream the EP below.

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