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corner club tease EP with new single ‘whenever you’re ready’

San Francisco-based best friends, Savannah Du and Michael Zang (a.k.a. corner club) have teased their upcoming EP with the atmospheric new single ‘whenever you’re ready‘.

The punchy song is filled with angst and bitterness toward an ex, as well as the hope their new girlfriend is too good for them. While paired with their familiar ethereal sound, it takes you on a sonic journey through this teasing tune.

They are following on from their first EP, ‘little love lullabies‘; an equally refreshing and ambient project. Meanwhile, corner club are reflecting on the journeys they have taken since their first releases. Vocalist Savannah Du shares, “We tend to write about the feelings most biting in the moment.” Subsequently, they are encouraging fans to have a look into their world and to peek into that rearview mirror.

In addition to their musical talent, the pair are producing the project. Without a doubt, what is working in their favour is the homely rawness in their sound creates a comfort that fans can sink into. Described as a “raw inviting openness” they create a cinematic experience you can’t help but get wrapped up in.

This is further proven in their decision to create a DIY music video to accompany the track, directed by Emily Lin. We see a mischievous Savannah creating scenarios in which to get back at her ex, from pouring coffee over his shoulder to performing in a white room with their socks on. The playful casualness will make you feel like you’re right there sneaking around with them.

We are undoubtedly in for whimsical and experimental storytelling from the longtime friends’ new EP.

corner club is on Instagram and TikTok. Find more news pieces here.

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